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The problems of pointing a laser where the sun don't shine

If someone has a complaint about laser hair removal clinics, the only agency that has current oversight is the radiation safety board of the Texas Department of Health. The predominant complaint received involves not naughty pics or roving hands but burns.

In 2003, an African-American female model filed a lawsuit against John Berges and Body Re-Nous alleging that he had burned her arms and stomach so severely that she had scars.

She'd found Body Re-Nous in a Yellow Pages ad that said they specialized in hair removal for all skin types. But according to the petition, when she confronted Berges about the burns he admitted that "the laser he originally planned to use was not working so he decided to lower the temperature on the other laser thinking that it would not do any damage." Berges settled out of court for $35,000.

Laser hair remover John Berges
Laser hair remover John Berges

"These are usually fairly high-risk products," says a spokesman with the radiation safety board. "Some of the things we've seen in the past are injury reports, complaints of inadequate supervision, inadequate training. Lasers are not meant for a layperson's use."

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