Fight Club

The first rule about Evander Holyfield's age is that you do not talk about Evander Holyfield's age

Holyfield, who by my unofficial count landed 104 punches to Bates' 1, almost scored a knockout near the end of the first round. With Bates on the verge of Lettttt's Get Ready to Stummmmmblllle!, the inevitable end comes four seconds before the bell in Round 2 just as Holyfield begins landing punches like Southwest lands planes. As the crazed crowd roars, it's clear that Bates' pain is Dallas' gain.

"I wasn't supposed to win it four times, and now I'm not supposed to do it a fifth time," says Holyfield, who improves to 39-8-2 and will next fight No. 5-ranked Sinan Samil overseas this fall. "But it's my destiny. Somebody else telling me I can't do it is just more motivation. Man, age ain't nothing but a number."

In 2008 Holyfield will again become the world's heavyweight champ, ending a heroic journey that started humbly in Dallas. In a pretty-boy town that has for too long treated scars with plastic surgery instead of respect, celebrate the occasion by slugging your buddy in the face.

A bloody lip could do us some good.

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