Duane's Debacle

Cowboys' quarterback quandary is Parcells' latest, greatest blunder

Duane screwed up training camp, leaking the Romo story to cronies such as Sports Illustrated's Peter King and ESPN's Chris Mortensen, giving the controversy life, legs and legitimacy.

Duane screwed up last week, de-activating healthy kicker Mike Vanderjagt and orchestrating a ramp-up that produced an ill-prepared team guilty of nine penalties, three turnovers and a crucial field-goal doink off the right upright.

Duane screwed up the game, first having Bledsoe take a knee with six seconds left in the first half at its 30-yard line. Why?! And, of course, costing the Cowboys a monumental timeout when he totally botched a replay challenge, throwing a flag too late on a call that was "non-reviewable." After a late touchdown pulled it within seven, Dallas had to gamble with an onside kick because of its lack of timeouts.

Duane did it.
Duane did it.

Worst of all, Duane is dangerously close to screwing up the whole season. Bledsoe's tenuous position is on his mind. His first interception or string of incompletions Sunday will be met with boos. And with the Cowboys' next loss, the quarterback controversy will quickly morph into a divisive locker-room debate.

So let's make a deal, Duane. The day Romo starts is the day you quit.

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