Chief Sitting Bull

The toughest Dallas cowboys don't wear helmets

Uncharacteristically, Snidely stands menacingly still, daring the party to come to him. Unbelievably, that's exactly what the quartet does. The cowboys sit-walk their chairs and table within 10 feet of the behemoth. After a short pause, Snidely snorts, charges and...

Garage sale.

Two black hats over here. A straw one next to the pile of PVC pipe. And under there, scrambling to avoid being crushed by the belly of the beast, is a wide-eyed Williams. While Snidely attempts to trounce and gore the collapsed cowboy, Robertson grabs the back of Williams' protective vest and, in the most heroic game of Texas Hold 'Em you ever did see, helps pull him to safety.

Wortham walked away with the money, Williams with his life.

"I was trapped underneath, and he stepped on me pretty good," Williams said, sporting ugly bruises on his leg and arm. "But that's how this game goes. Tonight was pretty much standard operating procedure. It'll be just as scary tomorrow night."

How 'bout them cowboys?

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