Sympathy for the Devil

T.O. brings out Dallas' dark side

T.O. turns us into bloodthirsty, vengeful carnivores. Right, Eagles fans?

"This is the game the whole city has been waiting for," host Anthony Gargano said on Philadelphia's WIP-610 AM Tuesday morning. "The emotional pitch is going to be at a level this city's never seen." A sobering vision, considering Philly fans hurled batteries encased in ice balls at Troy Aikman and cheered to Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" as Michael Irvin was wheeled off the field with a career-ending neck injury. From a city that penned "Hey Jimmy, Yank My Johnson!" and "Phuck the Cowgirls," we can only imagine the creative bed sheets that will be on display in T.O.'s honor Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field. "It's Dallas Week, starring T.O.," Gargano said. "It can't possibly get any bigger."

Forgot all about that quarterback controversy, didn't we?
Forgot all about that quarterback controversy, didn't we?

Getcha popcorn ready. And because Terrell Owens brings out the worst in us, keep some extra security handy.

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