Tony Oh-No

The Cowboys' quarterback swap signals the beginning of the end

Says Parcells bluntly, "That ball should've gone to the other side."

After the game, a visibly fuming Bledsoe is the first Cowboy up the tunnel and out of the stadium. While teammates absorb the blow of a devastating loss, all that remains in the former starting quarterback's locker are three naked hangers and an empty water bottle.

Unable to win a playoff game with Carter or Vinny Testaverde or Drew Henson or Bledsoe, the 65-year-old Parcells—as he likes to say—is what he is. A 28-26 coach in Dallas left to make drastic, senseless switches usually reserved for Wife Swap. You think Parcells, suddenly grooming a virtual rookie through a maze of mistakes instead of guiding a 14-year veteran into the playoffs, woke up chipper Tuesday morning? About his present? Or his future?

You're all I've got tonight.
You're all I've got tonight.

"I hope there are no growing pains," Parcells says of Romo, kidding no one, including himself.

As the Monday-night massacre mercifully reaches midnight, Owens unwittingly exposes the Cowboys' Romo-over-Bledsoe pessimism. Asked what the quarterback change means for the team, its attitude and its outlook for the rest of the season, T.O. offered one of the lamest battle cries in sports history:

"I'm not sure."

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