White Ghost Shivers, DeWayn Brothers

Multiple dates


Thursday, November 9, at Rubber Gloves, Denton

Friday, November 10, at the Wreck Room, Fort Worth

Saturday, November 11, at Lee Harvey's

White Ghost Shivers may sound like the house band at an old speakeasy, but they shred like a Brazilian speed-metal festival. Effortlessly leaping from western swing and bluegrass jazz stomps to calypso ballads and vaudevillian hamming, the Austin octet follows in the footsteps of fellow Capitol City residents the Asylum Street Spankers, mixing expert musicianship with libidinous frivolity. Tales of debauchery and mayhem are wrapped in tunes that sound as good on your iPod as they do on an old Victrola. Your great granny Fanny may have danced the Charleston to similar sounds, but those songs probably didn't have as much to do with sex, drugs, booze and the devil as your average WGS tune. Never ones to rest their laurels on crutches of novelty or camp, this is a genuine group of entertainers in the truest sense of the word. Between the roof-rattling music, Wes Borgasm's 7-foot frame dwarfing a furiously spanked ukulele and the two-fisted flapper sensuality of Cella Blue, a Shivers show is something you will not soon forget.
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