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Dallas' best CD store doubles as a halfway house for customers and employees alike

"Used CDs are our bloodline," says Hanover, although the employees know a few titles they would no longer like to see. With more than 30 copies of The Sign from Ace of Base and nearly as many of Garth Brooks' No Fences, back stock has become a fascinatingly humorous dilemma.

"We get a huge amount of retarded soundtracks," says Muncy, before she takes a break for some coffee and a cigarette. "We had one old guy bring in the entire 2 Live Crew collection 'cause he said his mom was pissed at him," chimes in Meyers. Yet it's exactly that madcap diversity of what they decide to buy that enlivens the store's selection.

"I don't get to shop here as often as I'd like," says Lee, a customer who would only give his first name. "When I do come in, either they have exactly what I want or else I find five other things I need."

CD Source general manager Larry Hanover lords over crates of Ace of Base and more.
Brian Harkin
CD Source general manager Larry Hanover lords over crates of Ace of Base and more.

Employees speak of customers spending up to six hours in the store at a time and some who spend up to $500 a week. There is a customer affectionately referred to as "Stalker John" and the aforementioned "Sheeba," who often comes into the store incognito thinking she might get a better deal.

Together the customers and employees make CD Source a true independent, a chaotic mess of a store where that elusive, out-of-print treasure waits for discovery.

Cooper Taylor, the newest employee, who just finished his second week, sums up the experience in classically slacker terms. "When there's something to do, it's a fun place to be."

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