An Open Letter to Craig Watkins

But you have to try hard to keep yourself open, to keep smart people around you and to listen to them when they criticize you. You have to figure out that we in the press are not your friends, but we're not your enemies, either. Don't give us too much credit. We are fairly simple people. Our job is to hoot and holler and raise a ruckus when the emperor steps out into the street naked. Like you did at your press conference.

I guess it's all good copy for us if you screw up. We'll have lots to write about. But that doesn't mean we want to see it happen. We live here too.

It's better for everybody if you're a success. For that, you have to grow a thicker hide just as fast as you can. You have to clean your own house. Do lots more homework. Please don't mention the Web page again. And finally...

Best of luck. Really. Best of luck to you.

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