John Gorka

Friday, December 1, at Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse


Friday, December 1, at Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse
 John Gorka "I'm not afraid of drums," says John Gorka, one of contemporary folk's most accomplished songwriters, discussing the genre's historically odd recoil from percussion. "I'd like to be thought of as in the folk tradition," says Gorka, "but I really like the beat." For more than 20 years Gorka has been one of most renowned singer-songwriters under the folk umbrella, even though his music is actually closer to James Taylor and Jim Croce than to folk stalwarts such as Pete Seeger or Woodie Guthrie. Touring in support of his sturdy recent effort, Writing in the Margins, Gorka is limiting his appearances in order to spend more time with his family. "I've somehow managed to back my way into a somewhat normal existence," says Gorka from his home in Minnesota. "And by venturing out to just three or four cities each time, I can actually still be married." Introspective and professional (almost to a fault), Gorka's songs reflect his current stability and can provide some mellow warmth on a cool winter evening.
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