Angel of Honduras

Dupree's so-called ex is ordered home, but the DA might want a word with him first

"I asked him, 'Are you sleeping with him for money or are you his boyfriend?'" says Jonez, the former dancer who now works as a loan officer. "Mike was acting like a girl. He was getting all upset when Angel wasn't spending time with him."

But Martinez assured Jonez that the constable was merely someone he looked up to, nothing less but nothing more. Still, Dupree became a thorn in the side of Jonez. The constable constantly came by her house and visited Martinez and took him out for drinks. He gave him gifts. When Martinez lived with Dupree in his Oak Cliff apartment, the constable wouldn't let Jonez sit next to him on the couch.

"I would tell Angel, 'He doesn't act like your dad. He acts like your girlfriend,'" Jonez says. "It bothered me. I was so frustrated."

It's hard to blame her. Dupree himself admitted to the Observer that Martinez stole his firearm sometime last fall. The young man later had it in his car when he went to visit Jonez. An ex-boyfriend of Jonez called the Dallas Police Department, either out of concern or jealousy.

"Mike was calling me and said again and again, 'Angel needs to go back to Honduras, because he's messing up everybody's life over here,'" she claims.

Gracie Briones, whose dad has spoken with Martinez since his arrest, also says that Dupree became jealous after the young man took up with Jonez. Now Martinez is despondent, calling Briones' dad for money as he awaits his fate.

"He really feels betrayed. He says he was framed," she says. "This was all a surprise. He always said, '[Dupree's] just trying to be my father figure,' and all of the sudden this happened."

Angel of Honduras Dupree's so-called ex is ordered home, but the DA may want a word with him first

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