Delinquent Bill

Better late than never, Bill Parcells rewards Cowboys with retirement

"More than the game passing him by, I don't think he liked the unhappy person he'd become," says longtime friend Pat Summerall. "Even when he was happy, he wasn't happy."

As usual, Ticket radio host Greg Williams put it a tad less tactfully, "He's a sorry son of a bitch. He's a miserable human being. And while he was here he was an average coach."

To steal one of Parcells' pet boxing analogies, watching him coach in Dallas was like watching Ali fight in his 40s: disappointing, sad and, most of all, unsuccessful.

"I did the best I could," Parcells said in Seattle after Romo's infamous bobble ended Dallas' season and, ultimately, Parcells' career. "Wasn't quite good enough."

Here lies former Dallas Cowboys coach Duane "Bill" Parcells. Record: 34-32. Playoff wins: 0.

Mediocre person.

Bad coach.

Good riddance.

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