The Postmarks

The Postmarks (Unfiltered)

The Postmarks make music that, at times, is part Burt Bacharach, part Beach Boys and part folk rock. That's an odd blend in 2007, but this emo-pop trio knows how to bring it together. The Postmarks have raised their profile during the past year. They're charting in the U.S. and Canada and recently signed a deal with New York-based indie label Unfiltered Records. All the fuss is about the melodic voice of lead singer Tim Yehezkely, who croons about lost love and broken hearts with a softness that can bring a hard-edged man to tears. She's got a powerful gift, but at times you wish she'd take advantage of it more. On the group's self-titled debut album, there are moments when the South Florida-based trio's compositions are so fragile and Downy-soft that Yehezkely's voice sounds more like a whisper. The Boynton Beach vocalist has a beautiful tone, but on songs such as the lead single "Goodbye," the album's most infectious tune, you'll wish the engineer had pumped up her mic a bit, as playing this disc loud enough to make out what she's singing may drive you up a wall. But the instrumentation behind her is delicate and powerful, and when such a remarkable combination hits the ears, the result is humbling.
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