Frozen Assets

Once the darlings of Dallas, the Stars and their sport are mired in obscurity

Thank my lucky Stars, I can now recognize a jersey from a sweater, a soccer mom from a hockey dad. And we no longer paint hockey as soccer on ice, a buzzkill fad we hope our youngsters grow out of. But eight years ago the Stars were producing a tangible buzz in the media and tasty strippers on the glass. Now, it feels more like the team's supporters are small-town, big-time fanatics yelling "Stars" during the national anthem and beholding their team and franchise players as a colder version of Scientology and Tom Cruise. The legends aren't from here. The language—from "Prowecess" to "Organyezation"—isn't from here. And though hockey's trophy was briefly here, the future of Dallas' sports obsession isn't on ice.

Is hockey coming or going? With the Stars and their sport so far from mainstream focus, the answer is impossible.

And, for now, irrelevant.

Jonathan Cheechoo: the face of the NHL?
Jonathan Cheechoo: the face of the NHL?

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