The Baptist Generals, Theater Fire, Bosque Brown, Doug Burr

Friday, February 9, at the Granada Theater

It's been four long years since the Baptist Generals released the mope-folk masterpiece No Silver/No Gold, but if singer-songwriter Chris Flemmons is to be believed—and if the new songs we've heard are any indication, we reallywant to believe—the wait for a follow-up might soon be over. "We're rallying to get it finished and turned in by mid-March," he says. "Seriously. Not Kidding." Friday night the band brings their triumphantly ragged folk-rock and some fresh songs to the Granada Theater, where they'll headline a local dream bill featuring gypsy-country favorites the Theater Fire, Bosque Brown's Mara Lee Miller (in a rare solo appearance) and singer-songwriter Doug Burr, who will preview songs from his own upcoming LP, On Promenade. If the name Will Oldham means anything to you, this one's a can't-miss.

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