Temptations Indian Cuisine is less than seductive

Still, frustrations mount. With each meal comes a basket of naan, or Indian pita bread. At lunch, the basket steams. The bread is gorgeously moist. When it's pulled and torn, scorched nutty aromas envelop and tease. Bronze blisters break out from the surface symmetrically, indicating even heat. Flavor is fresh, comforting, gratifying and...exciting.

On a second visit the naan went awry. The surface shimmered with oil. Those blisters were charred and crumbled into black ash. The moisture and sensuous steam were gone, drained away by the crematorium.

Chicken sagwala—chunks of marinated chicken breast swaddled in spinach slurry in a metal pot—is good. But, like the rice, it's served cool. Saag paneer, cubes of cottage cheese blended with spinach and spices, is competent but seems timid, sloughing off few aromas.

Lentils and chicken lollipops fail to tempt at Temptations.
Tom Jenkins
Lentils and chicken lollipops fail to tempt at Temptations.

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Temptations Indian Cuisine

4070 N. Belt Line Road
Irving, TX 75038-5028

Category: Restaurant > Indian

Region: Irving & Las Colinas


Saag paneer $9

Tomato soup $6

Lentil soup $6

Chicken lollipops $10

Tandoori shrimp $17

Chicken sagwala $15

Handi Pasinda (lamb) $17

Macchi kebab (fish) $17

We wanted to try the fish kebab roasted in the tandoor oven. "To me it comes out a little too dry," our server advises. We insist. Our server was wrong. The fish—tilapia, accompanied by onions, peppers and faded tomato—wasn't dry. It was moist. But it tasted of silt, like wild catfish or some other bottom-grubbing species. The oven did ravage the tandoor shrimp though—dry, shriveled things with a mint garnish and a slight whiff of ammonia.

On one end of the long slender plate with the fish kebab is a rosebud sculpted from strips of tomato skin. It is beautifully folded, origami-like. But stare at it awhile and you notice a strange thing. The tomato hadn't been cored before it was fashioned into a rose. The stem scab is visible on a petal.

This is the thing: The details are off, dampening whatever Temptations is tempting, or attempting. This is a shame. After all, the streets are crawling with curry junkies, itching for a fix. Allegedly. 2719 McKinney Ave., 214-220-0022. Open 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday; noon-3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, 5:30 p.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 5 p.m.-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. $$-$$$.

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