Son of a Bum

Not unlike a pair of old blue jeans, new Cowboys coach feels like a good fit

"According to Jerry," Phillips says, "not very far."

Ah yes, strings attached. Not that Phillips will be anybody's puppet (or will he?), but the initial press conference had all the tenor of:

Introducing...Wade Phillips! And re-introducing...Jerry Jones!

"As general manager interacting with a new coach there'll probably be a different style, a different way of communicating," Jones says. "But I'm going to do an A-plus job of not undermining our head coach."

Make no mistake, after four years struggling with masks and muzzles in Parcells' hulking shadow, Jones is again the face and voice of the Cowboys. You can see it in his tear-filled eyes and hear it in his cracking voice. Love him or loathe him, you have to admit that Jones cares. He really, really cares.

"That's not fake stuff—the emotion," Jones says. "I just feel a real obligation beyond the ownership thing. I feel an obligation to do everything we can to have a winning team.

"We needed to get this right. In my mind, we got it right."

What we got, honestly, is a head coach no other team would hire, a GM every other team would've long ago fired and a talented roster that for years has underachieved. Relax, it's BTB—Better Than Bill.

Only took four minutes to figure that out.

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