—El Rayo de Jalisco

Keep the drawing. He looks like my gardener. His name is Antonio, so your character should also be Antonio. (BTW, Antonio is actually a tycoon here in the barrio—he owns several properties here and in his dirt!)

El Sasquatch

KEEP THE MEXICAN AS IS! The only way you could defile your work is to bow to the politically correct. I'm only sorry the Profe wasn't more upset.

Don't get rid of my tio or should I say tios! I've got so many familia that look like the bandido that it's ridiculous! Some of my cousins are starting to look like your logo también. As for names: Tio Tito, Beto or Julio Iglesias (older one) since the real Julio looks like a really tanned gabacho from Miami...

Let me tell you that the logo of your stereotypical father is priceless! Even some of my teenage esquintles wanted to steal him for their Spanish-class' T-shirt. I say go ahead and appear to be a stereotype—you know like a blond cheerleader, or a nerd, or idiot or lo que sea and then—bam! You act up and kill the icon with your actions and intellect and whim. I had a teacher who taught feminist women's history and literature, and she looked like a Latina Betty Boop. BAM!

Coño, that's your papi? Then you must be related to Cheech Marin...because if that's not him in the drawing it has to be his twin bro. If you are going to name him, I'll vote for El Chulo because the look on him seems to be saying, "Ay mi chulita como me vas a negar un cariñito" or El Chulo de Putas for the same reason. Como siempre, continua entreteniendo a las masas y educando a los ignorantes.

The cartoon? Who cares? No matter what you pick, someone will hate it. But...What's with the sexist angle? Why not include cartoons of hot Mexican chicas, or mariposos guapos or tortilleras? Or draw the lovely Mexican family all Americans think we come from. With the wab dad, the saintly mother, the hot sister and the mariposo brother. The name? Mariano Azuela, in Los de Abajo, named every third-rate character (that is, truly los de abajo) Juan and María, to highlight both the anonymity and the common nature of los de abajo. (I think all this is right, but it's been 20 years...). I think you should resurrect that idea (and make yourself sound smarter by referring to Azuela) by naming the happy wab José or Juan, of course. Jesús would work, too, but the gabachos might not find it as amusing as the vatos. And for the women in the (future) cartoons? María, naturally.

—Gerardo, un Mariposo Más

Honestly, Mr. Mexican, when I first saw the picture, I laughed in an "Oh no, he didn't really, did he?" sorta way. It seems like it could be very insulting. I am not Latina (that I know of) but I do share in the realm of being a mujer de color, thus in la historia of insulting archetypes. But on the other hand este dibujo has been out there a long time, and you are a Mexican, so I guess it's one of those "I'm that, sSo I can do what I want with that." You take your chances. If you haven't received complaints till now...I guess the readers don't have too much of a problem with it, no?

—Your Neighborhood Black/White

DO NOT GET RID OF YOUR PAPA LOGO! It will be an injustice to mankind.

Keep the logo. The illustration represents a happy-go-lucky guy who just might rip you off given the opportunity. I am not good with names, but I will suggest El Pappacita!

Growing up gringa in the orangest depths of Orange County (i.e., the City of Orange, not far from The Plaza—not The Circle), I was surrounded by grownups who viewed Mexicans as wetbacks, day laborers and Frito Banditos. With that in mind, your little comic avatar is just el hombre for este column—or, to quote a mantra from my childhood, he's "practically perfect in every way." So I say he stays, and we should call him Norm for Never Obfuscate Raunchy Mexicans.

Let's Abolish Dickheaded Yahoos

His name is definitely Pancho. How much more Mexican can you get than that...he even looks like a Pancho. As for how it makes me feel...it's a very stereotypical drawing, but you're right: This is how gabachos (and possibly other cultures) see us. Let's use it, and embrace it, because we know we don't look like that, and that is all that matters. So let's laugh at ourselves and use the logo with pride.

Do NOT get rid of your logo. He's beautiful. Only uptight liberal gabachos and loudmouth MEChA members would be offended by him. You should call him what he is: PAPI CHULO.

Puro Pocho de Sacramento

I would have to agree with El Profe on his plegaria for you to stop using the logo you currently have for your column. I completely understand that it represents your dad, and I give you a high five for bringing one of the most important things in a Mexicano's life (the parents) into your world-famous column. But here's my point of view: If you will add a little to the image of your father and make it cartoonish, why not change it a little in the opposite way, in a way that is going to make him look cleaner and more handsome. Make him look like you actually respect and love him. Maybe you'll get more gabachas to fall for the Mex-lover, and that could even help the rest of us mexicanos out.

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