The Hits Keep Comin'

Yet another deputy alleges misdeeds by Constable Mike Dupree

Dupree hasn't talked to the press since that admission, but Martinez and his girlfriend, Connie Jonez, have contradicted the constable's account, saying that Martinez was never involved in any type of criminal activity. They said that Dupree arranged to have Martinez deported after he took up with Jonez.

Willie's affidavit depicts Dupree as being intent on arresting the object of his affection. He says that Dupree ordered a deputy constable to search for Martinez.

"The constable wanted Angel Martinez arrested for outstanding traffic warrants and to place an immigration hold on him for deportation to Honduras," Willie says. "I informed Lt. Pullin, my immediate supervisor, of the Constable's directive, which both he and I concluded was illegal because of the constable's involvement with the defendant."

Mark Graham

Both Willie and his supervisor instructed the deputy constable to ignore the order, but on December 6, 2006, Dupree persuaded the deputy to arrest Martinez, who was staying at Dupree's apartment.

Willie's affidavit also details the circumstances of Dupree's arrest on a sexual assault charge in May 2002. The complainant, a young Hispanic male who was Dupree's boyfriend at the time, ultimately dropped the charge, telling the Observer years later that he falsely accused Dupree of rape after the two got into a heated argument.

"Weeks later, the Constable had me drive him to Friendly Chevrolet, while on duty, so he could purchase a vehicle for the complainant in the sexual assault case," Willie claims. "At this time, a salesman commented to me, 'I bet the Constable's son is in hog heaven because his dad bought him a new car.' My immediate reply was, 'Constable Dupree has no son, he is openly gay.'"

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