The Smithereens

Friday, April 27, at Rockhouse Live

When the Smithereens debuted in 1980, they actually had to refute criticism that they sounded too much like the Beatles. Such dated lunacy makes it especially ironic that a quarter-century later the band would release Meet the Smithereens, a song-for-song re-creation of Meet the Beatles. Frontman Pat DiNizio has always possessed a dark wit and sly humor that belied any comparisons to early Lennon and McCartney. Although lacking in variety, riff-heavy songs such as "Blood and Roses," "Only a Memory" and "A Girl Like You" did effectively break up the hair metal tedium that infected pop radio of the '80s. DiNizio and crew have been coasting on the hits for a number of years, quite content to pound out the recognizable to the faithful who found substance in the Smithereens' ability to fuse Mersey beat and metal.

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