Art Grows Up

Nechita paints with the kids

 Alexandra Nechita, once a 6-year-old art prodigy dubbed "the petite Picasso," is all grown up. She's 21 now, and though she could have petered out as a burned-out has-been back in the day, she instead steadily improved on her early genius and has cranked out artwork for Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, the Vatican, the Grammys and Queen Elizabeth II (a list that more resembles a list of attendees at the latest Illuminati company picnic, but, hey, art makes strange bedfellows). Fittingly, her works echo the best and most significant parts of 20th-century art, but with a youthful touch. Check out her lithographs, sculptures and paintings, as well as the artist herself, when she hosts a special children's event 11 a.m. Saturday at Reflection Fine Art Gallery, 2925 Fairmount St. Call 214-965-9027 or visit
April 27-May 7
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