Stinko de Mayo

Thanks to the Mavericks, welcome to football season

  • Funny—in kind of a very sad way—that it was Nellie who discovered Dirk, and who now has made him disappear.

  • That said, this talk of Nowitzki not deserving the Most Valuable Player award he's sure to receive next week is bullshit. The award is for the regular season, and despite his playoff pratfall, Dirk was the best player on the best team for six months. Yes, it's embarrassing for an MVP to not lead his team out of the first round. But critics didn't cry for Steve Nash to return his hardware when he failed to lead the Phoenix Suns out of the Western Conference the last two seasons. We didn't call for Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning to give back his NFL MVP for throwing four interceptions in a playoff game at New England. And we didn't demand Prince return his Oscar for Purple Rain just because he later made Under the Cherry Moon.

  • I went to the Mavs' 2007 NBA season, and all I got was this stupid Southwest Division championship banner.

  • Cowboys, out in the first round. Stars, out in the first round. Mavericks, out in the first round. Rangers, out in the first month. Enjoy your bummer summer.

  • Silver lining? Only 77 days until Cowboys training camp.
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