Going for the Green

Who wants to be a millionaire? I do.

I still haven't seen the ball come down. Last I heard it was playing pinball in the pines, a good 25 yards left of the green and a million miles from a million dollars. In retrospect, I couldn't have parred the hole for a million.

And I wasn't alone. Turns out the city of Dallas could've awarded $1 million for anyone hitting the green and kept its money. That's right, 0 for 12. Jeremy O'Quinn, 33-year-old golf coach at Richardson Pearce High School, was the only golfer to flirt with fame and fortune. His 6-iron, however, landed atop the mound 10 feet short of the green and 25 feet from the hole.

"I knew it was short immediately," says O'Quinn, a 2-handicapper who won the first-place prize of free golf for a year in Dallas. "I've still never had a hole-in-one."

Richie Whitt does his best Tiger Woods.
Richie Whitt does his best Tiger Woods.

For finishing ninth I walked away with $50, a new putter, a warm feeling that I helped raise $16,000 for charity and one overriding thought.

Dammit, I've got to finish this column.

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