Eating Out

Whatever you're hankering for tastes better on a patio

When you're looking for a substantial beer list to go with your outdoor hanging out, The Ginger Man (2718 Boll St.) has it. Choose from British beers, German beers, Belgian beers, Texas beers and many others. You're going to see a few preppy white boys driving their dad's BMW here, but, after a few of these beers, you'll barely even notice. And if the SMU boys start getting on your nerves, just compliment them on their calf implants, or tell them there's a crowd of hot chicks waiting outside to watch them pop their collars.

After you get kicked out of the Ginger Man for not driving a luxury vehicle, make your way over to Lee Harvey's (1807 Gould St.) for the live music and the ridiculously laid-back outdoor atmosphere. While you sip on Pabst Blue Ribbon at a picnic table in front, take a moment to people-watch. It's special out there.

For Dessert

When you want something to satisfy that sweet tooth, skip the line of Highland Park mommies with their Bugaboo strollers and their $36 glorified Betty Crocker cupcakes and check out the frozen custard at Wild About Harry's (3113 Knox St.). Once you've ordered, take a seat out front and watch people try to back out of the ridiculously tiny parking spots into oncoming traffic.

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