Shooting With the Stars

Chicago pops off in Fair Park

If it wasn't for my phobia of popping noises, I would go see Chicago with Lisa Rinna and Tom Wopat. I don't think my ears or heart could handle all the shooting though. Kids' birthday parties are a bitch with all those balloons. And the gunshots in my neighborhood are unnerving, but I think that's more about my life than my phobia. I loved the movie because the musical numbers as Roxie's imagination—instead of a song and dance busting out in the middle of a conversation—were smartly conceived. That spoiled me. Maybe I'll keep my idealized vision of Chicago intact along with my eardrums and stay at home. For the less anxious, take a trip to Chicago Tuesday through June 17 at the Music Hall in Fair Park, 909 First Ave. Tickets are $20 to $66. Visit or for more information.
Tuesdays-Sundays, 8 p.m.; Saturdays, Sundays, 2 p.m.; Thu., June 14, 2 p.m. Starts: June 5. Continues through June 17
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