Dustin Kensrue

Sunday, June 17, at House of Blues' Cambridge Room


Sunday, June 17, at House of Blues' Cambridge Room
Most notably known as the lead singer, lyricist and guitarist for the post-hard-core quartet Thrice, Dustin Kensrue tackles an entirely different beast on his solo debut Please Come Home. While mining a stripped-down folk approach that salutes Springsteen's Nebraska, Kensrue is still an angst-ridden young man, an emo kid trying to grow up. And for the majority of the disc, Kensrue is quite believable as a sensitive roots rocker. Songs such as "I Knew You Before," "I Believe" and "Weary Saints" may be a bit clichéd lyrically, but the tunes are well thought out and the emotions are never forced. "I love how you curse me when I wake you up," Kensrue sings on "Pistol," one of the more chipper cuts, revealing a man unafraid to admit his lover holds the upper hand. With production assistance from fellow Thrice member Teppei Teranishi, Please Come Home is a pleasant surprise, a simple treat that never allows the excesses of self-indulgence to ruin its rustic charm.
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