Lez Zeppelin

Thursday, July 5, at House of Blues

The members of Lez Zeppelin are used to audiences' skepticism. "They don't expect anything much—they think it might be a joke, they think it might be fun or kitsch, but they really don't expect a real, heavy-duty, Zeppelin-like experience," says Steph Paynes, who assumes the role of Jimmy Page. And Lez Zeppelin definitely pulls it off—they sound like Led Zeppelin, but fronted by a female. Get ready to see guys drop their jaws and fall in love, because these girls are as talented as they are hot. Each is equally well-versed in both the personality of her chosen Zeppelin member and the instrument he played. Lisa Brigantino, the John Paul Jones of the group, plays 13 instruments and has a master's degree in music. This kind of dedication is what's needed, Payne says. "The point is: If you're going to do Led Zeppelin—male or female—do it justice."

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