The Fab Fifty

Or, half a hundred folks with way better seats than you

10. Roger Staubach. Somehow, Captain America enhanced his already flawless legacy by helping Arlington land Super Bowl XLV.

9. Jon Heidtke. Wouldn't recognize him on the street, but the FOX Sports Net Southwest senior vice president makes the Mavs, Rangers and Stars decisions you recognize nightly on TV.

8. Jon Daniels. The Rangers' latest reconstruction is marshaled by a GM approaching a career crossroads at age 30.

Jerry Jones went from Satan to the King of Texas in six short years.
Jerry Jones went from Satan to the King of Texas in six short years.

7. Terrell Owens. No. 1 a year ago, he produced drops, naps, overdoses and 25 million reasons to move him down.

6. Eddie Gossage. Texas' face of NASCAR was briefly courted as the next NHL commissioner.

5. Mark Cuban. His empire lacks an NBA trophy but might soon include the Chicago Cubs and a team in the new United Football League.

4. Tony Romo. The same hands that botched a playoff snap and held Carrie Underwood's purse are now in charge of a season that should validate the departures of Drew Bledsoe and Bill Parcells.

3. Dirk Nowitzki. Despite a historic playoff pratfall, the NBA's MVP is now unequivocally the best player in Mavs history.

2. Tom Hicks. Powerful enough to infuriate the fan base of two local teams. Good luck, Liverpool.

1. Jerry Jones. His bigger-is-better Jonestown has us all gulping the Kool-Aid.

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