Captain Casual

Wade Phillips ushers in a kindler, gentler, better Cowboys era

You win some, you lose some.

"They certainly have different styles of communicating," says offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. "I just don't like it when people call Wade laid-back. He understands football like few other people, and he wants things done his way. Because there's not a lot of yelling and screaming doesn't mean we're running a country club."

With a Q rating just a tick above peach cobbler, Phillips wouldn't command even an at-large berth to ESPN's "Who's Now?" tournament. His press conferences—unlike Parcells'—are more NyQuil than noxious. Surprisingly, he has more experience and a better sense of humor than last year's coach.

On possibly fining himself for showing up to camp overweight: "If Bill wasn't fined for that, I'm sure not going to be."

On defensive coordinator Brian Stewart's statement about the Cowboys defense being the best in the NFL: "If he said that, he shouldn't have."

And, after hearing Jones' upbeat state-of-the-union press conference on the eve of camp, his prediction for the '07 season: "After listening to that I guess we'd better win 'em all."

Why not? After all, liberated players make better players.

Right, Ron Washington?

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