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Bloggers say byte me

Why? Because it's an energy suck. Of the several hundred comments I read, only about 20 percent had anything to do with actual music, and most of those were restricted to variations on "your music blows." Not even, "your music blows, but here's how it could be better," or "your music blows, but may I suggest this music that doesn't." Just a feverish, heated debate, with a bunch of name-calling by those who were not even ballsy enough to stand behind their comments by giving their real names, of course. It's a waste of time, but worse than that, it's boring.

I'm sure I'll get loads of e-mails in response to this column that read something like, "What? We're not mean! You don't know what you're talking about, you fucking idiot," so rather than answer them all one by one, let me just submit the following exchange from the Great Matthew and the Arrogant Sea Debate of 2007, Comments Section, as evidence:

4:43 p.m.: It's pretty upsetting that so many people would take time out of their day to lash out at a band, who like every other band out there, is just trying to make it. Where I'm from, musicians support other musicians, regardless of success, failure or style of music. Musicians should be supportive of other musicians, because having that sense of community is what should separate us from every other soul sucking enterprise out there. It's about sharing the struggles and the victories, not berating and cutting others down. —Jessica

4:50 p.m.: well jessica, you've obviously never experienced the dfw/denton "music scene" thats just not how it's done around here. —Anonymous

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