Test My Balls of Fury

Answer all correctly and win a Def Leppard album

A quiz:

1. Balls of Fury is a movie about:

2. In his first leading role for the big screen, Fogler, a Tony award-winning actor (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee), can best be described as:

Man, we could swear we went to high school with this guy (Dan Fogler, right).
Man, we could swear we went to high school with this guy (Dan Fogler, right).

3. Because the FBI agent who approaches Randy is played by a Latino (George Lopez), he will be made to say:

4. When Randy undergoes intensive Ping-Pong training at the Happy Mu Shu Palace ("If Mu Shu fits, wear it!"), his guru, Wong (James Hong) offers the following inscrutable advice:

5. Are Chinese people funny?

6. As Feng, the criminal mastermind/Ping-Pong enthusiast, Walken can best be described as:

7. When Feng's Amazonian henchwoman offers the services of sex slaves to Randy, it's funny because:

8. Maggie Q co-stars as:

9. Balls of Fury is best viewed:

10. Balls of Fury is to The Sound and the Fury as:

11. Balls of Fury belongs in the tradition of:

12. Balls of Fury was written by:

13. Balls of Fury should have been directed by:

14. This review is:

Bonus Question: Which insufferable, waddle-ass "film critic" sitting behind me evidently found Balls of Fury endlessly hilarious?

The first reader to answer each question correctly will receive a CD of Def Leppard's Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection, plus a gift certificate worth $40 good toward a table tennis club or male escort of your choice. E-mail answers to nlee@villagevoice.com. The correct answers and winning entry will be announced on our Web site September 5.

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