Dear Deathray Davies

Thank you, Deathray Davies, for not breaking my heart

I'm sure that only broadens your audience by way of their fans.

I was really encouraged by it 'cause The Apples guys all seemed to love the record and really got into it. I was playing it for them in the van as we were traveling around, and they seemed to like it a lot, so they kinda got into the idea, and I said, "Well, maybe if we have some time, we could do some singing," and they really got behind it, which was cool. And in fact, Bill's still got all the guide tracks that I brought in to sing with, and he was so into the whole thing that right now he's getting the horn players from Olivia Tremor Control—they're going to put some horns on a few songs as well, and then send me those tracks, so it's going to be this big monster that we're putting together, but I'm really excited about it.

When do you anticipate it'll be released?

Jason Garner and John Dufilho, still the Deathray Davies
Courtesy John Dufilho
Jason Garner and John Dufilho, still the Deathray Davies


The Deathray Davies perform with Salim Nourallah (headlining), Robert Gomez and Flat People, Thursday, December 20, at the Granada Theater.

I don't know. I'm just hoping for some time in '08, this next year. I don't want to say, "It's gonna be done by February," because when it's done, it's done. We put out five albums in basically five years, so we figured we were going to take our time with each one, and hopefully we've learned a lot. It all seems to be coming together well so far.

Does it feel like you've lost no time when you guys get together to prep for this upcoming Granada show?

So far, it's felt really effortless, which is nice. I was wondering how it would because even though Mike, Kevin, Jason and I have all been playing together for a long time, we've switched around: Jason's on drums; we've got a new bass player. So luckily...when we tried it—which was actually just two weeks ago—it felt good right from the start. We've been playing together for long enough now. Certainly Jason and I have. We've got no excuses. We've got our own language, for sure. Or at least it feels like it. It's cool having Don [Cento, of Shibboleth] and Rich play with us. Jason calls them "the ringers" 'cause they're amazing. We've stolen half of Shibboleth.

But it's not malicious. That's just collaboration.

When I first moved here, I joined as many bands as I could because of that. I think the more everyone here in town plays together, the better it is. I'm all for that sort of thing.

It's a condition of Dallas to be apathetic about music that's readily available, so the audience is really going to be anticipating this show since you haven't played in so long. What songs are you most excited to play again for people?

Definitely the new stuff, actually. I was saying when we started to practice that I wanted to do nothing but new songs, and Jason kind of talked me out of that 'cause basically, if anyone comes to hear us and has any of our records, it's kind of defeating the purpose. So I think we're going to do about half and half. But I think it's just the way I am—I'm always the most excited about what I'm working on at the moment. I think we're gonna do six or seven new ones and six or seven old ones. But definitely the new ones are what's getting me excited about the whole thing right now.

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