Cotton Bowl: Goodbye, Dallas. Hello, Palace.

Like it or not, relocation is the right Cotton-pickin' decision.

And, sure, with Cowboys prices escalating about 150 percent, the $90 Cotton Bowl ticket will be history. But, trust me, Fare Park will mute your yearning for Fair Park. Tradition and loyalty be damned, you wouldn't stay married to Bea Arthur if Jessica Alba came texting. So stop your whining and ignite your dreaming.

Standing in the west end zone, you can see through the stadium out toward Johnson Creek, future home of Rangers owner Tom Hicks' Glory Park development of hotels, restaurants and really crappy baseball. You can clearly spot Jones' suite on the second "Ring of Honor" level on the south side's 50-yard line. There's the Cowboys locker room in the southwest corner. The press box is way up there where the "Think Safety" banners flap in the wind. And right there, where that bulldozer is moving dirt, that's the end zone where safety Roy Williams will lose his receiver but somehow find his way to the Pro Bowl.

It's 315 feet from floor to ceiling, big enough to house almost three Texas Stadiums. There'll be padded seats and a retractable glass roof with the beloved hole in the middle and an enormous center-hung scoreboard and a special Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame wing and...

Just one more year.

Then, finally.

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