MySpace Stalking Dallas Music

There are things you can learn on MySpace, and there are things you can't

Which brings us (oh yeah...) to the music itself. Some of the live performers I caught in my Dallas early-goings were really fucking good: indie rockers Ella Minnow, grindcore duo the Akkolytes, Centro-matic frontman Will Johnson, Pleasant Grove frontman Marcus Striplin and the guys who spin at The Cavern's Cool Out Mondays. Some were really fucking weird: Loop 12 and The Great Tyrant, upon first sight/listen weren't the surefire hits I was promised. And some were really fucking sleep-inducing (really!): Victory March's instrumental rock sound wasn't exciting enough to keep a member of Here in Arms from falling asleep on a couch in the back of The Cavern when the two acts shared a bill there.

So what does this all mean? Hell if I know. But I'm pretty stoked to continue trying to finding out. And I'm pretty excited about the fact that I'll no longer have to use MySpace as my main means of doing so. Because, really, I have too many e-prostitutes in my top friends as it is.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: Local Act A is absolutely amazing. Transcendent, even. They're pretty much the greatest thing to ever come out of Dallas. They'll definitely get signed by a major (even though they repeatedly say they don't want that), and they'll definitely be on the next Zach Braff movie soundtrack, which will inevitably turn them into overnight national media darlings. It will be epic.

Pete wishes he were this inherently creepy.
Pete wishes he were this inherently creepy.

Ha! I was kidding...

They totally suck!

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