Why is Hillary Neglecting Delegate-Rich Dallas County?

While Obama has events going on throughout the city, Clinton is nowhere to be found

Contrary to what the national media had you believing, the Democratic presidential primary did not end on Super Tuesday, and Texas is now in play. You figure it's time to get involved. After all, you're a Dallas County Democrat. For the first time in a generation, you are relevant.

It's February 13 and you want to join the grassroots—man a phone bank, block-walk your neighborhood—but you're not sure how to go about it. So you go to hillaryclinton.com and are directed to a page that sorts campaign events by distance and ZIP code. You search for events within a 10-mile radius of 75232, which is part of Texas Senate District 23, the delegate-rich and racially diverse area (blacks do most of the heavy ballot-box lifting) that played a major role in the Democratic courthouse cleaning in the '06 election. You hit the "find" tab and read the results: "Sorry no events were found based on the search above."

You go to mybarackobama.com and are sent through a series of similar prompts. This time, you are informed that there are 15 events that match your search criteria. You expand your search to 50 miles for Obama and come up with 44 hits; doing the same for Clinton, you find 10 events.

Dallas state Representative Rafael Anchia, addressing a February 17 Obama rally at Fair Park, believes issues such as the war and immigration will drive young Hispanic voters into the Obama camp.
Dallas state Representative Rafael Anchia, addressing a February 17 Obama rally at Fair Park, believes issues such as the war and immigration will drive young Hispanic voters into the Obama camp.

These listings offer a snapshot of the grassroots operations of both campaigns in Dallas County—a telling glimpse into the ground war of the presidential candidates as they do battle for what has become a must-win state for Clinton.

Early on, both candidates have been playing to their strengths: Obama is targeting blacks, urban Anglos and young voters and was traveling to Dallas for a scheduled appearance on February 20; Clinton has stumped in El Paso, the Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio, shoring up her support among older women, working-class Democrats and Hispanics in South and West Texas—the source of much of her narrowing lead in the polls. But with no public appearances yet scheduled for Clinton in Dallas (she has a private fund-raiser scheduled in the home of Dallas attorneys Debbie and Frank Branson on February 29), has she basically conceded the county or is she planning to mount a belated surge? Each day is vital to the four-week stretch that has become the Texas presidential primary season. A late start can mean a late finish.

"I can't see that Hillary has much of a presence in Dallas, and she is spending her efforts elsewhere," says Darlene Ewing, chairwoman of the Dallas County Democratic Party. "She has tremendous support in Dallas County, and I think it's a mistake not to tap into it."

As of February 13, Dallas political consultant Kathy Nealy was the lone paid staffer running Clinton's Dallas campaign. Asked why the Clinton camp hadn't scheduled as many events as the Obama camp, she responds, "They are in the hype stage, but this is Politics 101, and I am in the planning stage. First thing you do is to get out the early vote." Early voting began February 19.

By February 18, Nealy was joined by four additional Clinton staffers from the national campaign, says Barbara Rosenberg, a volunteer Clinton organizer for Dallas, and more are expected. Rosenberg, a former state appeals court judge, says she has had volunteers ready to work since October "but they were on hold. It was only after Super Tuesday [February 6] that the national campaign changed gears," she says. "There is loads of enthusiasm for Hillary. We just opened our Dallas campaign office, and everything is now in place for the staff."

Obama's Dallas County grassroots operation has been up and running for a year, headed by full-time volunteers Molly Hanchey and Starshine Nolan. "There is a core group of 80 people who help out on a daily basis," Nolan says. "But we have access to a list of around 2,000 people who have shown interest through the Obama Web site. It's incredible, the outpouring of support we have gotten at the grassroots level."

On February 13, 20 staffers from Obama's national campaign arrived in Dallas and were introduced to a wildly upbeat crowd of volunteers (Nolan claims that there were at least 700) at a party at Gilley's Dallas on South Lamar Street. They drank beer, ate chips and salsa, and watched on a half-dozen big-screen TVs as Obama swept the Potomac primaries.

Former Dallas County Democratic Party chair and current judicial candidate Ken Molberg was there, not as a supporter but as an instructor who has been running both sides through the many traps of Texas' oddball, part-election, part-caucus primary system. "It has been so long since we have had a fierce primary fight in Texas [1988 between Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and Jesse Jackson], no one understands how the Texas system works," Molberg says. "It is truly one of a kind."

Texas will send 228 delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, 126 of whom will be awarded based on the results of the March 4 primary in each of the 31 state Senate districts. Not all Senate districts are equal, with some receiving a larger share of these 126 delegates, which were pre-assigned based on prior voting patterns.

Molberg can envision a scenario in which a candidate wins the popular vote but loses the delegate count. Clinton could win the primary vote by carrying the state's rural and border areas, but Obama could still win the delegate count if he carries delegate-rich Senate districts in Dallas, Houston and Austin. North Texas has 26 delegates, six in Senate District 23 alone. No district along the border has more than 4 delegates.

But none of this ensures an Obama win, not with 102 delegates still up for grabs. Thirty-five of these are super-delegates—among them, state party leaders and the Texas Democratic congressional delegation. They are pledged to no one and are free to vote their consciences—a vote that ostensibly is intended to reflect the will of the people but can bring old political loyalties (read Clinton) into play. The remaining 67 are determined through a lengthy, caucus-driven process, which begins at precinct conventions 15 minutes after the polls close and ends at the state Democratic Convention in June.

But preliminary maneuvers for these 67 slots actually begin at local honky-tonks such as Gilley's, where on February 13 more than 520 volunteers signed pledge cards committing them to vote for Obama twice on Election Day—once at the polls and once at their precinct conventions.

"A big part of your ground game is making damn sure you get your people back to the polls after they close," Molberg explains. "If you get 10 of your people to a precinct convention and the other side shows up with 50, you're screwed."

Local party headquarters has been deluged with calls from Democrats asking how to become delegates. "I don't get as many calls from Clinton people because those are your old-line activists, and they know exactly what to do," Ewing says. "The majority of calls are from Obama people because they are new to the process."

At Gilley's, Molberg was surprised by the number of faces he did not recognize. "I haven't seen this much enthusiasm from new people since 1972." Of course, that was the year that gave the Democrats George McGovern.

Molberg noticed some "old heads" also working the crowd. Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk put in only a cameo appearance, but he has been stumping for Obama around the country and has become the surrogate-in-chief for Obama's Texas campaign. "This is more of a movement than it is a well-orchestrated machine," Kirk says. "Dallas County should be hotly contested by both candidates, particularly because of how well we did in the November ['06] elections."

Although local black leaders are largely breaking for Obama, Nealy considered it something of a coup when she and Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, a Clinton supporter, convinced the Democratic Progressive Voters League, the oldest black political organization in Texas, to endorse both Clinton and Obama.

The Hispanic leadership seems deeply split along generational lines. Many older, more established Hispanic congressmen and legislators have thrown their support behind Clinton, whose reservoir of goodwill flows from her husband's presidency and before, when she was a young organizer working South Texas for the McGovern campaign.

But Dallas state Representative Rafael Anchia counts himself among those young Hispanic leaders who are helping Obama erode Clinton's base. He believes that issues such as the war and immigration will energize new Hispanic voters and drive them into the Obama camp. "The opportunity for Obama in the city of Dallas is huge," he said. "Fifty percent of the [registered] Latinos here have registered since 2000, and that is a byproduct of young Latinos aging and foreign-born immigrants becoming naturalized citizens. These groups may not have as intense and intimate a connection with the Clintons as other Latinos."

Because the primary is generating so much heat and interest (10,000 people registered for a lottery to attend the televised Clinton-Obama debate in Austin on February 24, though only 100 tickets were available) experts are predicting a record turnout. SMU political scientist Cal Jillson says he believes the ethnic breakdown of the Democratic vote will be 27 percent black, 35 percent Anglo, 35 percent Hispanic and 3 percent Asian. "I have seen estimates as high as 50 percent for the Hispanic vote, but I don't think it will break 40 percent."

Jillson says there are just as many Hispanics in North Texas as there are along the border, which is why he is convinced that Clinton will fight for them. "Obama has a much thicker ground organization," he says. "But unless Clinton runs out of money, I would be absolutely stunned if she didn't contest North Texas."

It's Feb 18, and you wonder if there has been a shift in the ground war in the five days since your last Web search for campaign events. You return to mybarackobama.com, click on the appropriate tabs, same 75232 ZIP code, same 10-mile radius. You find 22 events. You click onto hillaryclinton.com, go through the same machinations and you wait for the results: one event.

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If one has the power and money anything can go within Methodist system. The world should know about these con men and women in Jesus masks took over the control of UMC. Imagine if there was a gun law as in Louisiana, what would happen to the victims? Now Rev. Cha works for the bishop. They seem to have elected him for their premeditated position of the bishop. Ultimately it is a grave question for every Christian minded to investigate why any church leader would intervene in the private lawsuits by the individuals with the stolen church money? Our family became the victims as I tried to protect the church assets.We requested the Bishop Jeremiah J. Park, Super Noel N. Chin Rev. 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Episcopal Priest Accused of Stealing Funds for Botox. (Cheated AG) (Brief on Financial mismanagement)7. Bishop Hae Jong Kim scandal resigned8. Introducing the United Methodist (Rethink) Church | Blogging ... :: 기독일보 Christianity Daily 9. 4) Find why the church paid in support of Steve H. Park's false murder charges against me and my son and the murder trial at NYS Supreme Court, Nassau County? ...10. “Methodist politics corruption.” New York Times. April 10, 1982.11."거짓말쟁이 vs 참된 전도자" 갈라디아서 1:11-24,oliveumc@gmail.com

chae s sone
chae s sone

Prayer by Money Laundry-man 4/14/2010On the Sunday March 14, 2010, Mr. Deuk Joo Chun offered the Sunday prayer on the pulpit who was one of the radical parties to promote the church financed lawsuits against our family. He was a false witness that I assaulted and injured Steven H. Park on the church stairways according to the Park's court testimony for the case of the mass murder charges.What a scandalous prayer is his? It is nothing but a Judah's chant.These are reflections of Rev. Chul Woo Chang's morality allowing such character in "Jesus disguise” pray on the pulpit out of our Christian principles. Prior to his prayer, he should have confessed his sins and their sins first and return the stolen church money paid for the false murder charges against me and my beloved son. Do you think Jesus is too old to be with the fine Koreans?This is the kind of the Korean historic church under your Pastoral Committee.The transcript of his court testimony will cost $1,300 that would reveal their dept of abuse activities. His prayer seems to signal another danger to us as the demonstration of their consolidated brutal church gang power without the proper confession in good faith. Watch out the Judah's marching bands and the choir. How low are you going to push this church down to under the kOREAN LEVEL?Chae s. sone

chae s. sone
chae s. sone

How to keep our churches financially clean?

OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MIND, OPEN DOORS!! WHERE THEY ARE? Dear Jesus! I am the Korean Bishop Jeremiah J. Park. What can I do for you in this Christmas and this New Year?

Jesus said, Bishop Park! Bring back Judas stolen my money to my Korean Church !! 예수님 나는 Kocean Bishop Jeremiah Park 입니다 나는당신을 위해 이 Christmas 와 새해 에 무엇을 할수 있을까요?

예수님은 이렇게 대 답 하 시 였 다

박감독 님 진실노 진실노 박감독님 에 게 말 하 노니

유다 놈 들이 흠처간 내돈을 다 내 한인교회 로 가저오라 !!

Monday, January 18, 2010 Dear Bishop Jeremiah J. Park:

Greetings.Please let me write you again in honor of your Episcopacy in good faith that your office should investigate the sinful actions taken against the innocent family by Rev. Won Tae Cha and other criminal elements in this historic Korean church. So far, regrettably you and other clergies have done great pastoral injustice by ignoring our requests.WHO LIED TO THE JUDGE THE MURDER CHARGES WERE CHURCH-RELATED?Please tell to our family members, our congregation, and to the world why the Korean United Methodist Church and Institute financially supported Steve Park�s false accusations that my son and I was going to kill him, his family, his lawyer, and our Korean church members. Steve Park was the former chairman of the board who sworn in his deposition that he has an MBA from Columbia University which the university denied, stated he had only a bachelor�s degree.Reverend Won Tae Cha, Steve H. Park, and the Judas conspirators succeeded placing me and my son on trial as mass murderers at the New York State Supreme Court, which emotionally and financially devastated and defamed our family because, as the chairman of the Board, I tried to protect the Church�s Building Trust Fund from the abusers. My only sin to them was to protect the trust fund.Especially remarkable Judas scenario appeared when Rev. Won Tae Cha, fake M.D. Young So Kim, Elder Yang and other running dogs come to the court in support of the cases. Mrs. Sung Kuk Hahm from KANCC, her husband was the chairman of it, anxiously wanted to be an interpreter for the mass murder trial � all in Jesus� masks. The judge rejected her services as a pro North Korean Communist.With the stolen church money, they paid for their parties and legal fees to torture me, my son, and my wife. However, we were not able to hire a full defense attorney for us because we could not offer one. We acted pro se. The church insurers must have defended us according to the church rules.HARD TRUTH: A HIJACKED CHURCHPractically, Reverend Won Tae Cha and his Judas group cleverly hijacked the church and its assets. Then, they were able to finance three frivolous cruel lawsuits against our family members, even charged us as mass murderers, threatening demand $8.000,000.00 in damages to cover up the embezzlement. Unexpectedly, their attorney wanted get out the case, offering us $5,000. We rejected as it matter more with the honor than the money.During the murder trial, according to the Judge F. Dana Winslow�s own words, someone from the Episcopacy said to him that the murder charges were church-related. Yes! Someone did a holy lie.So far, as the bishop, you have coldly stonewalled without answering to our numerous agonizing questions�who met with the judge? Superintendent Noel N. Chin, an impersonator of the bishop, or you should answer honestly to us �Who told the lie to the judge that the murder charges were church-related?� Now, the Korean �church-gate� could develop into the �bishop-gate.� If so,

could this bishop-gate be more notorious than Watergate?


The two smart wise guys, Eliot Spitzer and Tigerwood were neither clever nor strong enough to stick to their famed powerful positions even in disguise although the church guys did, but suddenly fell to the disgrace from the public trusts when their betrayal exposed to the world.

In contrast, the powerful conscience inevitably drove Ms. Peguero to confess her sins to a priest and freed the innocent man once she sent as her rapist for twenty five years prison. But the born again Peguero bravely proved her faith in confession by freeing the innocent victim after two year prison life although she, as a mother of two children, has to suffer seven year prison term to pay back for her crime in His dignity. May God bless Ms. Peguero and her children.


Sodom Gomorra was destroyed as there were not enough worthy people in the eyes of God.

But, today, we are hopeful in America as there are more than enough morally sensitive worthy Americans intact to our value system in His eyes as the testimony in the Spitzer-Tigerwood-Peguero scenarios - All of them felt painful agony of their astray in the seductive life cycles.

ones Even the almighty intervened in the Nigerian bomber on Delta airline to save the loved from the 2009 Christmas disaster as the heavenly blessings for the Americans in this holy day season.

As there was "No Dotting at the warning messages," the devil could come through the deep sleepy long hollow even under the floundered watchful eyes so far so easily as to the ignition point of the hellfire on Delta Airline at the Detroit Airport.

But, at the very moment, the Merciful hand foiled the evil trigger. In this way God surely blessed all Americans for the Christmas in these hard times.

Definitely the high moral sensitivity seems to have functioned more vitally well among the common Americans to get His attention than the privileged church hijackers in greedy struggle for biased existence in blood muddy sewers.

The rise and fall of one�s fortune appears tangled with its moral values in time. In this church, there seems to be more than the four poverty stricken Roman soldiers of the rich Empire, who shared the crucified poor homeless Jesus' clothes in four parts - Perhaps more vicious than the money hungry Judas. Major Philip Wise Two gunmen who shot and killed the Salvation Army major Philip Wise, 40, in front of his wife and his three young adopted children,4. 6. 7 on Christmas Eve on Thursday, Wise's wife, Cindy called 911. Gunmen were stupid as they killed the Goodman without getting any money. See these smart Korean Methodist pastors and running dogs who stolen the church money and tried to demonize the innocent family to cover up the stealing with the church mobs, now refusing the audit in violation of Book of Discipline. Ironically it is known that the annual conference gave her 50,000 aid to her illicit ministry as if an incentive for the money laundry with no shame. Which group is better or worse than the others?

AUDIT THE STOLEN MONEYWhen Ms. Kwang Hee Kim became the chairwoman of the Board, she could recover from the state some of the negligently abandoned trust fund by the smart 9 trustee members. The abandonment should be investigated if criminally oriented.On July 15, 2007, the church passed Ms. Kwang Hee Kim�s proposal to audit the financial records from 2000. Reverend Chang at the time stated, �I will do it with two other people.� But, he is still stalling the audit. On December 14, Mr. Hyun Joong Kim made an additional proposal to recover the abused trust fund from the abusers. Reverend Chang is protecting his mentor, Reverend Won Tae Cha, who is responsible for all this church corruption. In fact, after the frivolous lawsuits were dismissed, the New York State Attorney General and the Judge advised the church to recover the stolen money from the abusers. (Bk of Dis).But, following the end of the court cases, the stability only short-lived as Rev. Chul Woo Chang has followed his mentor Rev. Won Tae Cha against His will.We as well as many others believe that Reverend Chul Woo Chang and Reverend Won Tae Cha campaigned for your election as bishop. Although they are your political patrons, you, as the bishop, are now obliged to follow the church rules, the state and federal laws, and obey God and to clean up the embezzlement of the church money and other anti-Christian attacks against innocent church members. However, you apparently failed to act promptly as a bishop. This church is located only a few blocks away from your Inter-Church Office. Didn�t you smell the stinks as yet? Therefore, your standing is morally ambiguous in dealing with these criminals. Why do you tolerate the church to pay for the abusers� legal fees with the stolen church money which violates the church rules? Did you not know they usurped the name of church to pursue these frivolous lawsuits?

Contrary to the church rules and your oath of office, why do you place the church on the ugly Judas' side? Are you spiting onto the face of Christ? Why do you reward these anti-Christian criminal offenders? The church should not be allowed to become "a Judas' den�.If you can not comprehend, ask the Sunday school kids!! The youngsters might have a better answer for you from the Sunday school lessons.

YOUR OFFICIAL STANDING RESEMBLES ARCHIBISHOP EGAN�S' CATHOLICCRIMINAL COVER-UPSThe Boston scandals in 2002 engulfed the entire Catholic Church when the accounts of priests, preying on children and being moved among parishes and shielded by their bishops while their accusers were ignored or bullied into silence, were revealed by the Boston Globe. Archbishop Edward Egan of New York betrayed the trust when his false testimony in numerous trials became known.The entire picture of the scandals demonstrated a deeply corrupt and inept church leadership. Evidently, the church leaders had lied before God and to the congregation while covering up their pastoral sins in the name of Christ. Their sacrament appeared to be nothing more than sharing communion among the liars - Like Madoff Champaign.The church under your UMC leadership has acted unjustly like Egan�s administration, ostracizing, poking, demonizing the victims in discrimination and prejudicing newcomers in hostile manner.Thus, Reverend Chang and you tactically created an unfriendly, brain washed hostile environment in the church. Thus the church is literally under such dirty water. The abrasive words are nothing but the reflections of their resistance to justice.The catastrophic mistakes for the Bishop seem to be the misinformation received from the Superintend Chin and local clergies who twisted the truth. Now Rev. Chang brought all of those dangerous money laundering litigants on the church positions with voting power to reinforce his position as his mentor. The long time financial officer Mr. Rhim threatened to call police to stop my complaint of the money laundry schemes and the church financed murder changes against our family to the Charge Conference on December 16th. I responded, call them, "If they come, they will arrest you first." For he is one of the team.It seems to be another danger signal coming from their tricks against us, flexing the reset embezzlers� muscles � Another inquisition with murder charges in reversed Christianity. Best cure for the church is to reeducate or remove them from the positions. Otherwise, more ugly legal problems could re-arise as the mess gets worse every day by day under these unconfident brutal leaders. Do not rely on the brain washed, polluted lower IQ church officers!! For their souls are pollution damaged or in self obsolescence. Thus, Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven belongs to the children with no pollution. Mt 19;14-15.Under the circumstances, all Korean clergies and Christians could ask Ms. Peguero for guidance how to confess before God. DEMANDS UNDER THE CHURCH RULES

Your responsibilities as bishop are as follows: 1Name the person(s) who told the lie to the judge that the murder charges against us were church-related. 2Order Reverend Chul Woo Chang and the officers of the Korean United Methodist Church and Institute to start the audit according to the Book of Discipline.3After the audit is completed, order the pastor and the officers to seek legal action to recover the money from those who stole it and to make an insurance claim for money missing if the theft cannot be recovered. The church belongs to God, the pastor and the congregation must obey the church rules, the State and Federal laws. (The church rules require audit the financial records; bond and buy liability insurances for financial officers)4Make sure Mr. Paul Choi continues to repay the $70,000 he embezzled from the church as agreed upon with the New York State Attorney General�s office.5Appoint an impartial committee to investigate the embezzlement and lawsuits against my family and to investigate the character of Reverend Chul Woo Chang and Reverend Won Tae Cha who continue to defame the church, my family and I as if we have benefited from these lawsuits.6Order Reverend Chang, Reverend Cha, and church leaders who have hurt my family apologize to me, my son, and my wife and to the congregation. These demands are in honor of this historic church to be rescued from these evil hijackers. Remember Jesus said: "My house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it a 'den of robbers.� (Matthew 21:12-13)

Dear Bishop Jeremiah J. Park! Our family respectfully submits you to accomplish your duty that you have the God-given power and authority to keep this church as �a house of prayer." It is a God given golden opportunity for you to realize your loyal duty as the bishop for God and for the Korean United Methodist Church. Please remember this historic 뉴욕한인교회 near Columbia University, New York City.

May God bless you for His services. Sincerely yours in Christ, Chae S. Sone Kyung Kim Sone Paul M. Sone REFERENCESFor reference, please check our previous letters sent to your office on this matter. Or, request copies of the letters sent to Reverend Chul Woo Chang, which would give you the history of these legal actions. You can learn from their depositions how they viciously conspired to torture our family.

Furthermore, you must get the court transcripts about the trials from the State Supreme Court in Manhattan and in Nassau County so that you can see for yourself how the church embezzled from the Building Trust Fund to finance the various illegal actions. Especially the transcripts of the sanctions hearings would cost $1,300 which will be educational for the bishop to the smart or ugly Koreans in Christian masks. Websites1. �A Bishop�s Words� on Archbishop Edward Egan�s lies. New York Times, Editorial, December 6, 2009 2. In Good Faith: United Methodists win advertising award - A ...RE: IN-CHURCH CLEANING. ESTABLISHED CHURCHES 교회의개혁. Dear leaders in Christ. ... 3. Comments on: Introducing the United Methodist (Rethink) ChurchComments on: Introducing the United Methodist (Rethink) 5. Three Ways To truly Rethink Church in NYC " The New 6.Methodists Posted by: chae s. Sone at August 26, 2008 .. 6. A petition to Bishop Jeremiah J. Park to recover misused Church money. ...7. June 12, 2009 ~ Brad Braxton | Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly chae s. some Says: Riverside Church, New York 9/19/2009 it needs to rethink Jesus and family, revisit the soft words of each one's ....8. Impeach For Peace " Torture is Not a Methodist Family Value Torture is Not a Methodist Family Value. Filed under: Impeachment .9. Biurny Peguero confessed her sins to a priest to free the innocent victim. AP Dec. 10, 2009, NY Times, Dec. 11, 200910.교회자금 '횡령' 김홍도 목사 유죄 확정 .11. �Methodist politics corruption.� New York Times. April 10, 1982.12.. 뉴저지 갈보리교회, 외부 회계 감사 받는다 This article can Phase on Internet and auto translated. NJ Calvary Korean Methodist church's court order to audit the finance.13. 조경윤 목 사 의 한 인 이 민 교 회 제 언. Amenet.news14. Insider theft a big problem for small charitiesRecession, lack of safeguards heighten risk for little nonprofitsBy Elizabeth Schwinn. MSNBC.com 15. U.S. Salvation Army major shot, stolen his kettle for the needy youth. December 26, 2009 - 5:24AM

Let us keep our church faithfully. Please send good advices to the leaders.

Comments. Feed back: 주님 의 뜻때로 교회 지킵시다 좋은 충고 의 말씀 을 보내 주 시면 고 맙 갰 씁 니 다

Bishop Park and others: bishop@nyac.com, eswiggett@nyac.com; dwinkleblack@nyac.com, media@hosanna.net. Rev.Chang; chang.kmci@gmail.com; joysdesign@gmail.com,Csone@optonline.net

chae s. sone
chae s. sone

Dear Editors: This message were sent out to the bishop and his faithful members.

Can you disseminate this email to other UMC leaders for spritual enlightenment? Over 1000 delegates are going to attend at the UMC General Conference, Forth Worth, Texas. Please help them to clean up this mess. They are going to spend over $4.000,000 for this meeting. If they could clean up this mess. It is really worthy meeting for Christ.

Thank you very much. March 13, 2008

Bishop William H. Willimon and your faithful members

North Alabama Conference


Dear Bishop William H. Willimon, et al.

Greetings in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I have acquainted with your name while reading the Study of Ministry Commission for the General Conference 2008.

I wish to inform you about an unbelievable incident occurred in our church, which is relevant to the subject matter. It is not to injure anyone but for a renewal for our common interest. I hope that someone, somehow, would have chance to study this case and present to the Study Commission at General Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, exposing the tragic event for confession of their �finitude� for a renewal. Really they are in �a mess.�

The Minutes of Conversations and related studies seem to indicate the complex administrative mechanisms of the rituals, but have failed to clearly define how to revive the spirituality of UMC, preventing the declining membership

In the Critical analysis of the ministry studies, Prof Richard P. Heigtzenrater revealed somehow correctly, but ominously,

�Grace� after all, has become meaningless as to shift to �graces� without batting of an editorial eyelash. According to him, the conflicting classification of clergy rankings becomes �tools of power struggles� and, in the fatigue they are �unable to convey any intrinsic [religious] meaning.�

In the sense, the violence in our church seems to be nothing but a reflection of dry spirituality or apathy of the politically obsessed church leadership who lost faith and any sense to the sufferings.

Dr. Michelle Fugate, a Commission member, indicated the weakness of clergy ethics in her study as follows,

�Most who wrote a comment did not see peer review as a growth

opportunity for their ministry....others called for a stronger method

of review for removing ineffective clergy.� (Recom. 7).

But no policy suggested how to stop the vicious recycling of ineffective clergies, avoiding the deadly viruses as in the case.

In your Lent message, you gracefully stated,

�Who but the Church will tell such truth?�

It is absolutely true; all faithful strongly believe �the Church should be able to tell such truth.�

However, in the present case, the leaders who knew the tragic incident sadly

stonewalled to the Rev. Gummer�s graceful advice to honor �The donor�s will,� and unable to tell �the truth� about it (more than a decade old). It appears to be an ominous spiritual apathy of UMC - in a historic major protestant denomination on this land. The leaders seem to have lost their road signs so as to seek the directions from Rev. John Wesley.

In the good contrast, recently the legal authorities revealed the criminal activities of the New York state governor, Eliot Spitzer, within 48 hours he had to resign from the powerful position to honor the secular law as well as the public opinion which revealed its power and authority. But our church leaders failed to follow Justus�s teaching in the case.

It reminded me the words a judge said during our court proceedings,

�The Church is not just a building.�

I have added the transcripts for your review which is part of falsely sworn deposition testimony to charge me and my son as mass murderers by so called church officer under the vicious direction of an ordained clergy and put us on costly, emotional, criminal trial at a full jury. We had to pay the legal fees, while they were using the stolen church money in order to persecute us and loot the trust fund.

According to our experience, Methodist denomination really needs a faithful leadership re-education to be rescued from this tragic �mess� and to establish the faithful human relations with common people within the Church. May God bless you and the General Conference to be timely and �A Faith in Action� for a renewal.

Please study prayerfully the attached messages to help UMC.

1. Message to the Delegates and concerned members (Summary of the scandals)

Letters as reference

2. To the bishop Park, honorable definition of �Donor�s will,� from Rev. Gommer.

3. Letter to the Bishop Jeremiah J. Park

4. Letter to the NY Annual Conference

5. Transcripts (The church financed false murder charges)

I would appreciate your kindly advice.

Sincerely yours in Christ.

Chae S. Sone, Ph. D., Kyung Kim Sone, M.D.


2 Woodbury Court Hicksville, New York 11801

Part 2.Dear Delegates and UMC members:

Greetings in Jesus Christ.

I know that you are very active on issues of social justice, peace and violence. And I am writing to you because the problems demand the member�s active intervention to correct the mismanagement of the Building Trust Fund of this Church.

Your corrective measures are needed for our common good and common interest, according to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Disc. 270 4(e))


Recover the looted Building Trust Fund from the looters, Korean united Methodist Church and institute, 633 west 115h street, new York, NY 20025�

In 1992, the pastor wanted to spend the trust fund ($2,000,000) for other purpose than the pledged. The trustees disagreed. To challenge the trustees, his group falsely accused the Chairman embezzled $60,000 and assaulted in public at a church meeting. The investigation revealed it was false. His group eventually made the destructive purge the elders and Church officers to replace the decision making body with the help of an Elder and English congregation members. This purge appears to be an unconscionable immigrant�s psychic which is yet alive and well.

An active purge participant promoted to BOT chair. But shortly after he resigned because of embezzlement of $70,000, but honored with legal fees and partial pay of the embezzlement. Why it subsidized the embezzler?


The six plaintiffs, including a fake M.D., sued us in retaliation to scapegoat the family which tried to protect the Trust Fund when he was the chairman of BOT. They demanded $4,000,000 damages in the stolen name of the Church.

Eventually the judge sanctioned it as frivolous and also fined them for the contempt of court.

At the sanction hearings, the judge said, �The Church is not just a building,� as she found the empty leadership of it.

The judge ordered to recover the damages from those who disgraced the Church that was not a party in it. But the Church unfriendly officers did not do anything about the possible recovery, yet covering it up. Rather, without any remorse, the ADB chairman laundered the immigrant�s pennies to rewardingly pay even their penalties and attorney fees. However, he lied to the judge that he did not know the source of the fund. The sanction was a victory for the true Church, justice and for the family who maintained costly fight. Of course, the sanction brought certain degree of normalcy to the Church.

However, the wise scavengers seized the momentum, strengthening the cell organ - Garbage in, garbage out. Thus, the victory sadly short-lived. She lost again.


In this case, plaintiff Park, a fake M.B.A., put the defendants on trial at a full jury with the felony charges which falsely accused him and his son attempted mass murders of plaintiff, his family, his lawyer and other Church members. It was another Church�s collective criminal conspiracy.

He demanded $4,000,000 extortion for the lawsuit. Reverend Won Tae Cha, Mrs. Plaintiff, elders and his underlings came to support the falsely created felony case on the trial like the criminal racketeers and Al Qaeda terrorists, a satanic ritual at best. Paradoxically, the Church officers paid his legal fees too from the stolen Church money.

How the Church allowed the torture money to persecute the innocents?


According to the court records, the Church hierarchies - the bishop, superintendent or pastor illegally deceived the Judge at an ex parte conference, confirming the fake criminal charges as if Church related.

However, the bishop Park, or the Superintendent refused to name who were at it when he was repeatedly questioned and disgraced the Episcopal office. Why?

Ignoring or stonewalling to the legitimate ecclesiastical inquiries is unwise, �If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.� (Mt 15:14.) Now they are indeed fallen into a pit, a very dangerous, dark, stinky pit - a meltdown.


Another question is still lingering on how the $180,000 building repair contract lost for nothing through the related party transactions. The chair was an employee of the contractor.

In 2004, the new Board chair made a costly recovery of the negligently abandoned high value bank accounts by the trustees. It was a costly recovery for the church from the State�s confiscated properties. But there is no clear records on the abandoned amount and that of recovered.

The pastor Chang said Reverend Cha is his mentor who opened the way for him to come to this Church. His mentoring seems to be still in motion.

The New York State Attorney General advised it could recover the abused fund from them. But the trustees did not do it, stating it would be costly for the Church to do so.

The Church unfriendly officers seemed to have blessed the abusers with attorney fees, cursing the falsely accused. Thus, the looters had the cool lunch again with blessings under a comradeship.

Why the Church paid even the abuse-investigation while demonizing the protector of the Church? Needless to say, so called trustees and officers collaborated with them as if the brain-washed empty headed or puppets - a meltdown morality.

Thus, they dumped the Ten Commandments, ambushed the truth in order to make a cool shelter for the looters. They succeeded in mugging the historic Church.

Didn�t they make UMC an illicit outlaw-Church? (Mt 21:13)


If the Church officers are not interested in protecting the Church�s assets. How could they expect any further assistance from the civil authorities whom they so heartlessly contempt?

While in discussion of the looting with the Superintendent in June, the pastor asserted the request for the recovery of the looted fund was Anti-Church and Anti-Church interest.

To honor the trust is anti-Church?

He should have known such assertions had no Christian justice in contrary to the historical iniquities. For they were defamatory and insult to the Christian principles under any circumstances. It does not fit to be a pastoral reasoning as if spitting to the pulpit. Isn�t he praising the looting?


In the midst of this spiritual blunder, The UMC Mission Board donated untimely, unwise gift $50,000 to the beaten building fund appears an incentive to the looting or as an exchange of Judas money bag, scandalously dishonoring the donor�s will. (Matt.26:16-16, 50). �In iconography, the symbolic color of Judas is yellow, the tint of dung�. Now, those who supported the litigation with false affidavits in a Taliban way against the innocent are still ominously holding saintly positions in the Church.

Now it appears they could re-enact the violent looting drama of the fund with cool faces without regard to the Church rules and the civil authorities. The pastor rewarded them, placing the innocent in the perilous position again as if a hangman�s noose is on the adversary in order for them to justify the wicked looting. Is the fund open for free cool looting again? Who can prevent the looting again? The return of a Gestapo Church should be prevented by any means.

In addition, his pressuring to re-establish elder system invites a new power structure in this small congregation. There are many elder hungry and power hungry new comers could shield his position. It is questionable if the Church could be successful coolly with such questionable human qualities in this morally troubled season.

For more than a decade, superintendents and ordained clergies coalesced this anti Christ activities for money?

Remember such ambivalence to the justice and truth could absolutely undermine the prestige of the Church hierarchies, the United Methodist Church denomination and the Christian value system. In a sense, the Church leadership seems to be on the way to God is dead.�


On July 15, 2007, the Church Council decided that the audit of the Building Trust Fund should be done by a CPA, excluding Korean CPA, from the financial transactions of 2000, presumably, according to the Audit Manual of UMC. At that moment, the pastor Chang said he would take care of it with two other members. Almost seven months gone. It appears the audit is stalled. Remember the Bible said, �The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.� (1Ti 6:10). Also remember what Peter said to Ananias, �You not lied to men but to God.� (Acts 5:1-22).

He was appointed by the Bishop and nothing to be afraid or ashamed of cleaning of the account fraud; The Bible said, �The truth shall make you free.� (John 8:32).

Our Church history, aged 85, is often falsely over-glorified to others in contrary to the dark images as the mother Church of the Koreans in the City. Needless to say, it was deceptive. The negative image in the recent history is well known to the Korean community. It is questionable, at this point of time, any refined rhetoric could convince them otherwise.

Now, it is Biblically clear that they are common liars, embezzlers and, perhaps, the greatest scabs and cancers on the face of Christianity in the twenty first century. The mindless Church sadly becomes a joiner of them, who denied a legal relief for the beaten good Samaritans, the defendants.

It is about the time for the UMC leadership to dissect the Christian injustice and discover the naked truth of the massive moral and religious iniquities of them and to deliver the injured Church from the cancer, insanity, racketeers and scandals. The innocent people suffered enough.

The concerned members should actively pursue the justice without delay as Jesus activists, right here in New York, not only in Darfur or in Guantanamo, for torturers are right here within your Church! For Christian violence is here, at your doorsteps. Do not torture!!


This lamenting letter is to sincerely remind you again the Biblical reality demands our moral renewal and repentance under faithful pastoral leadership.

Didn�t Vick�s dog have more human rights than real human beings? Shouldn�t the Church be a place more humane than Vick�s dog house? Is the Gospel melted down in UMC?

The Virginia Tech shooting top rated as the brutal crime of the year 2007, if the Church racketeered in the name of Christ, shouldn�t this criminality is over the top of the Virginia Tech brutality?

There should be a criminal investigation to destroy the network of evil cheaters, false prophets and saintly racketeers in the New York Conference.

We must stop placing our Church on the way to �God is dead,� as once done by Rudolph Kos, Henley Lyons, Tammy & Bakker, Hae Jong Kim and Ted Haggard. We must pray God for our rehabilitation with them from the deadly temptations.

If you, members keep quiet, �The stones will cry out.� (Luke 19:39-40).

Vision reports 200 Methodist Church closings every year. How can they survive if under either the racketeers or fools and puppets? Question is who can renew the fools, false prophets and mobsters? Please help the Church to be revived and to recover the looted fund. She badly needs your supporting prayers and social action. Every reader�s positive response is a petition for better tomorrows of our souls in UMC. There is a choice for the Jesus people on the issues. If you can clear our honor and save this Church, namely, you are saving the Annual Conference and all UMC. Please help the injustice to be resolved for the Korean Church under the faithful UMC leadership in the name of Christ!!


The recovery of the abused fund for the Church which is the main goal of the Church rules at least.

1. Investigation should be based upon documentary evidence, rejecting baseless hearsays in this electronic age2. Demand an audit by CPA (Excluding Korean CPA) from 2000 as decided.

3. Demand the embezzlers return to the Church the abused trust fund for their personal frivolous lawsuits and other expenses a renewal for the Church.

4. Investigate who were at the ex parte criminal conference in a serious violation of the Church rules, secular and moral laws.

5. Impeach or excommunicate the persons involved in this long term anti Church scandals and racketeering in this cyber age, according to the Church rules.

I urge that your committee or UMC could take an action for justice and peace. Please do not hesitate to contact anyone when you have questions. For this is for a renewal effort for UMC in good faith.

Who can stop them writing an obituary of justice?

I would gracefully welcome any advice

May God bless you all in this New Year!!

Yours in Christ.

Chae S. Sone

See also other attached letters.

Reference: Book of discipline (1996) secs 2624, 2509, 262 4 e) 2509.

Faith feedback:The Bishop Jeremiah Pak. Bishop@nyac.com, Metro N. District Superintend. mnnyac@aol.com,The pastor Chang. chang.kmci@gmail.com and othersChae S. Sone.Csone@optonline.net

Part 3.

This message clearly has defined the meaning of �Donor�s will.�

From:Revgommer@aol.comSent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 4:22 PMTo: Bishop@nyac.com;chang.kmci@gmail.com. csone@optonline.net Subject: Building Funds Questions � Korean Church

Dear Bishop:

This all sounds as though the leadership of our church has handled a �difficult situation� in a poor way. Are these matters of injustice in the claims of those who cry out about the fraudulent use of building funds and trust funds of the Korean Church in New York? Real leaders not only do things right... but in the critical points of decision making...do the right thing. What is the �right thing� in his matter? It is an embarrassment to the whole community of faith.

Chuck GummerFormer District SuperintendentFormer Wyoming Conference ExecutiveWyoming ConfeenceWyoming Conference

Part 4.2 Woodbury CourtHicksville, New York 11801(516) 931-1067 February 28, 2007

Bishop Reverend Jeremiah J. ParkThe Office of Bishop20 Soundview AvenueWhite Plains, New York 10606

RE: A request for legal support

Dear Bishop:

Greetings in our Lord, Jesus Christ. As I previously communicated with your office, the former pastor of the church, Won Tae Cha, and seven (7) church members of the Korean United Methodist Church and Institute, Inc., instituted three lawsuits against my wife and/or me.

I strongly feel that the issues in the subject matter are not comforting with any concerned minds. However, the issues should be dealt with care and concern because they are piercing through the moral fabrics of our soul and spirit of the United Methodist Church denomination. It matters with our common interest for all of the church members.

All of the three cases acted against us within two months after Pastor Won Tae Cha was removed from the position of this church by Bishop Ernest S. Lyght. Pastor Cha seemed to have initiated them to take these legal actions. According to information, he told them that he would proceed for the cases even if he had to sell his house. He should not have any grievances against me. The loss of his job was due to the revolt of his purged church officers and due to his misconducts in the ministry which ruined the church.

The show cause order initiated by Steve Park with the support of four false affidavits sworn by at least nine (9) so-called church members was to prevent me to attend church. The order was quickly dismissed by a judge.

The case (Korean United Methodist Church and Institute, Inc., Won Tae Cha, Young So Kim, Ki Duck Shin, Kyung Hee Shin, Hyuk Dal Kwon, Dong Gene Kim v. Chae Sone and Kyung Kim Sone) was sanctioned by Hon. Louis York as frivolous. The judge recognized that these persons falsely used the name of the church in the lawsuit. Furthermore, they were fined for contempt of court for violation of a gag order for the terms of sanctions.

The judge at the sanction hearings stated clearly that the church was not a party in the case. The individual parties were liable for the penalties, but the church had paid the fines for sanctions and the contempt of court with the church�s official checks signed. The church was absolutely wrong to finance the lawsuits against us because we stood against the abuses of the Building Trust Fund in order to protect the church�s interests. The sanctions were the defeat of their malicious actions and a victory for us who tried to protect the church�s well-being. The sanctions certainly awakened our dying small congregation on matters of litigation (They falsely accused us in church that we had initiated this lawsuit, which, as you know, they initiated it against us.)

In the lawsuit, Steve Park v. Chae Sone, Mr. Park charged me, among other things, that I was going to kill him, his family, and other church members. In his fantasy of this multiple murder scheme, he implicated that my son will kill his lawyer and his staff in the office in Manhattan. Perhaps, this murder accusation against my son and me was also involved with Pastor Cha and other co-conspirators, because they had attended in support of Park when I was on trial.

How could an ordained clergy act like this in support of a fabricated criminal case?

Although Mr. Park�s murder charge was classified as a felony, it was to be tried in two courts, civil court and criminal court.

My son and I were on trial at a full jury. The case was first scheduled for trial as a civil suit. Then, it will be scheduled for trial in criminal court.


In his oral deposition, Mr. Park named more than ten (10) individuals, including Pastor Won Tae Cha, who had witnessed my threat to kill him and that I assaulted him in church. As the result of the assault, Mr. Park stated in his deposition that he was injured. Consequently, I subpoenaed more than ten (10) church members, including Superintendent Carroll M. Cox, as witnesses to testify these allegations for the trial.

On the day of the third session of the civil trial, Mr. Park withdrew his case unconditionally, because he and his attorney knew that all the murder charges were just false fabrications�none of his so-called witnesses did appear to testify for him because they never witnessed his allegations. In the judge�s chambers, Mr. Park�s attorney, without plaintiff Park was present with me, my son, and other court personals. The attorney falsely stated that the decision to withdraw the lawsuit was supported by the �synod� hierarchies(Annual conference).

The judge stated about UMC�s involvement as follows:

........ No. It is the case that you 7. willingly decided to discontinue your action not in8. small part because there has been discussion9. between and amongst Mr. Park, the United Methodist10. Church of the New York area, the synod of the State 11. New York I believe, the Methodist synod of the 12. State of New York but at least the governing synod 13.Of the United Methodist Church of the New York area14. and the Court. So the discontinuance being offered15. is being offered without regard for any claims that16. the defendant may pursue.........Transcripts April 19, 2004. P. 6; 5-23.

According to the transcripts, Mr. Park falsely informed the Honorable Court as if Park�s multiple murder charge against us was real and the United Methodist Church denomination directly supported the case and the withdrawal.

As the bishop you must clarify which church officer and Mr. Park informed so to the Court that the synod acted for the lawsuit. I demand that your office should notify me your findings and to our church as soon as possible.

However, Mr. Park�s attorney was also the attorney for the case, Korean United Methodist Church and Institute, Inc., et al. v. Chae Sone and Kyung Kim Sone. The judges were misinformed as if both lawsuits were related.......The attorney also gave the impression that he was the attorney for the church and the �synod� which was not true. The attorney was never retained by the church, any other religious institution, but by Young So Kim and Steve Park, according to the attorney at the sanctions hearings before the Referee Sue Ann Hoahng. But he was paid from our church�s stolen funds that Mr. Park had control at that time.

.......�A few days after his unconditional withdrawal, Steve Park published a letter that denied his unconditional withdrawal and described it as his act of �forgiveness� of my �transgressions� against him and the church. He openly distributed this letter in the church. The denial virtually criminalized us again. For the letter constitutes a republication of defamation which triggers a new statute of limitations. We may face many lawsuits from him again, because he could endlessly use the church�s financial resources, such as the Building Trust Fund, to pursue further lawsuits against me. With help, he can easily get a free hand to the church�s resources for his use.

The three lawsuits I mentioned against my son, my wife, my son and me were mostly financed from the church�s resources�the Building Trust Fund. The financing is contrary to the church�s rules and state and federal laws. Moreover, our church�s failure to deny the funding of these lawsuits is the lack of moral courage and the phenomena of anarchy of the church.

Perhaps, your office was not familiar with details of any of the three cases because the litigation began prior to your assignment to the office of the bishop. But, now you are informed well enough to understand the issues about the litigations within the time frame during your tenure. With great expectations, I often sent letters to your office on the legal matters. So far, your office has failed to effectively intervene to correct their wrongs against us and the church.

Needless to say, the superintendent, Noel N. Chin, is well informed about the legal problems we unjustly faced for many years in disaster. However, he did not take any corrective measure to date. Furthermore, during the sanction hearings, the judge ruled that the church should seek legal redress to recover damages. The situation is well described by the judge who noticed during the hearings that the church was an innocent party that does not have any leader. She stated:�The church is not just a building��Also, the New York State Attorney General advised the trustees to sue them for damages. But, nobody seems to care about these encouraging words from the civil authorities.

I wish to mention to you again that all the legal problems against us was initiated by them in retaliation against us because of the fact that, when I was the chairman of the Board of Trustees, the trustees opposed the Pastor Won Tae Cha�s proposition to spend the Building Trust Fund for operating budget of the church. The trustees followed the advice of the Bishop Forest C. Stith and the church rules not to spend the money in violation of the donors� will. The action of the trustees was correct then and now still be so today.

Anyway, the pastor spent a significant portion of the Building Trust Fund during his ministry and he absolutely did not have any regrets about the church or anyone else at the time.

Our family has greatly suffered from the painful lawsuits for many years, because we tried to protect the Building Trust Fund in accordance to the church rules and state and federal laws. How these troubles happen to us who tried to protect the church�s interests? What did we do wrong for the church? Where is justice? As the bishop, you must answer these moral and religious questions.

In order to prevent Steve Park from reinstituting his lawsuit against me,...


The case involved the honor of our family. We must clear our names as criminals, which the church financially supported the cases as you are well informed now. Moreover, it crucially matters with the moral standing of the United Methodist Church denomination. Therefore,....The church hierarchies should understand that these despicable legal scandals are not less notorious than the Catholic sex scandals.

When the sanctioned case was instituted against us, the church�s insurance company should have defended us since we wanted to protect the Building Trust Fund of the church. We did not get a proper legal defense from the church although was entitled.

The church practically fought against her moral position...................

May God bless you for His services.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Chae S. Sone

P.S. Please try to get the legal papers for your study from the other parties.

*** Later it was learned that the superintendent did not reply to the inquiries from the Bishop. Book of Discipline

Following are the 2004 versions of Book of discipline (1996) secs 2624, 2509, 262 4 e) 2509. Instituting and Defending Civil ActionBecause of the nature of The United Methodist Church ( 139), no individual or affiliated church body or unit, nor any official thereof, may commence or participate in any suit or proceeding in the name of or on behalf of The United Methodist Church, excepting, however, the following:

1. Any person or church unit served with legal process in the name of The United Methodist Church may appear for the purpose of presenting to the court the nonjural nature of The United Methodist Church and to raise issues of lack of jurisdiction of the court, lack of capacity of such individual or unit to be served with process, and related constitutional issues in defense of denominational interests.

2. Any denominational unit authorized to hold title to property and to enforce trusts for the benefit of the denomination may bring suit in its own name to protect denominational interests.

SS 2702. Chargeable Offenses...

SS 262 4 e) Contribution designated for specific causes and objects shall be promptly forwarded according to the intent of the donor and shall not be used for any other purposes Book of Discipline

Part 5.Annual conference on bishop Jeremiah park 2

2 Woodbury CourtHicksville, New York 11801(516) 931-1067 May 20, 2007

Pastors and membersThe New York State Annual Conference Of the United Methodist Church:

RE: The Church is not just a building

Dear Clergies and concerned members

Greetings in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

When the newly appointed Rev. Won Tae Cha wanted to spend the Building Trust Fund for operating budget of the church. The Board of Trustees opposed his proposal as it was contrary to the church rules and the trust law, according to the advice of the Bishop Forest C. Stith. I was the chairman of the Board at the time.

He disagreed with the trustees� decision. In retaliation, he purged all the elders and stewards and church officers in order to restructure the church administration. Good many members left the church in anger and humiliation. The elders were voted out on November 11, 1998 but the tally was revealed on March 7, 1999 at a meeting.

Since then he tried to create his own faction in the church. One day I was falsely accused by one of his underlings that I embezzled $60,000 of the Building Trust Fund. It was a tactic to destroy our family in order to loot the trust fund.

At a church meeting, Rev. Cha and his group forcefully passed a resolution to investigate the embezzlement without allowing me to explain about the embezzlement. As soon as they illegally adopted the resolution, they treated me like a criminal. Some woman shouted at me with obscenities. His group assaulted me in the front of the people and physically pushed me out of the church as a criminal. However, their investigations did find the allegations were false.

I demanded their apology but they ignored it. But their hate campaign increased. .........................To protect the honor of our family and our children, I sued the offenders. The case was settled.


On December 14 1999, about 5 months prior to his removal, the pastor convened so-called Hoc Board of Trustee Meeting of a mixed group of ten and past a resolution that the Board of Trustees unanimously re-approved precious decision to pay all the legal fees for the lawsuits against Choir director Jun Sung Lee and me. This decision was fraudulent because the Ad Hoc Meeting was not a trustees� and they did not have power to do so. Furthermore, their resolution was �re-approval of a prior decision.�

This meant that they premeditated the crime of attempted murders charges against us many months in advance because the re-approval was in 1999 and their legal actions against us began in August 2000.

Mr. Soo Young Oh responded to my inquiry that he was not at the meeting although his name listed a signer on it. The authenticity of the Minutes is questionable. ...

On one Sunday morning, his group assaulted the choir conductor, pulling his jacket down in the church because he did not take side with him. He employed a brutal and high handed tactics to oust him. Without going to court, they eliminated him very cheaply and conveniently in a not so a saintly mob action.

Eventually, in June 2000, the pastor was removed by the Bishop Ernest Lyght as he was so destructive to the congregation.

His removal, however, did not bend his power because his power base was well established before his departure. The Bishop assigned Rev. Robert Parker to over see a charge conference.


In order to help the church, the Bishop Lyght sent Rev. Robert Parker and the Superintdent for the charge conference.

Before the voting for the election of church officers, Rev. Parker said that he could not find the membership registration and let everyone at the meeting vote for the election. Evidently Rev. Cha neglected to keep the membership record in order.

One elder was as usual going to videotape the meetings. The pastor and Rev. Parker prohibited the video tapping because he did not want to show the illegal election to others, which was fatal blow to the integrity of our church administration. Consequently the election consolidated and empowered the pastor�s group.

It was shocking for an old timer to observe the practice of illegal election by the bishop�s agents, the Superintend and the ordained pastor.

I wanted to understand the moral climate of the UMC church leaders. I sent out my personal questionnaires to about 60 UMC bishops on the illegal election. About 10 percents of them graciously responded, expressing the illegalities.


When the Bishop appointed a female pastor to the church, his group strongly opposed to it. They challenged the Bishop sending out the protesting open letters twice to 495 Churches in the District. It might have disgraced or undermined the Bishop�s authority.

It is necessary to find out which political characters and their motivation was involved and who was the ghost writer of the letters. Although he had no any connection with the church after the Bishop�s action, he continued his disgraceful action against the church and our family in order to make us a scapegoat to cover up their misconduct and moral failures in ministry. Most of all it was his challenge to the authority of the Bishop Ernest S. Lyght who had removed him.

Then, they brought Rev. Sung Soo Hahn to the church from Wisconsin to replace the female pastor who left voluntarily. Rev. Hahn acted as their spokesperson and ardently supported their causes in lawsuits.

Often he ridiculed helpless my wife and me in public in support of them. It is questionable why he stated during his preaching that he would not mind even if there remain only 20 in the congregation. He tried to serve their causes. According to information...


Rev. Chul Woo Chang�s appointment followed the departure of Rev. Hahn. Many expected he would restore law and order in the church.

It is questionable about which direction our church is headed. Rev. Chang said during his inauguration service,

�Rev. Won Tae Cha is my mentor who opened the way for me to come to this historic church.�

Therefore, many believe that Rev. Chang is administering the church according to the advice of his mentor, Rev. Cha. His mentor�s influence seems have a great impact upon his pattern of official assignments that favored his followers.

Rev. Chang held a lavish dinner party for Rev. Cha in New Jersey after he was removed from his ministry by the bishop Lyght who is black. It could have presented wrong impression as if a protest party against the bishop�s action, according to information. It impressed as an unwise protest dinner.

The truth of the matter was that actually the purged church officers revolted against his misconducts which ruined the church. The bishop did his duty in order to save the church according to the advice of the church members who hired an attorney to do so. He created his own downfall. Such a dinner party could provoke unnecessary ethnic disharmony.


On November 11, 2006, Sunday, there was a meeting to discuss on drafting new rules how to establish church offices such as elders, Stewarts, etc. In the past the existing rules was eliminated by Rev. Cha and his underlings in order to control the church administration and the Trust Fund. Thus, Mr. Cha destroyed the church.

I had the floor and wanted to emphasize the necessity to have good church rules and to follow the church rules, correcting past wrong doings.

The presiding officer, Mrs. Sung H. Rhim unexpectedly took away the microphone from me as soon as I opened my mouth. She tried to stop my speech. It was violation of free speech rules.

At the moment I noticed Mrs. Chul Woo Chang at the side door of the chapel making hand signals to the direction of Mrs. Rim and to me, �not to speak.� I sensed that the pastor already predetermined not to allow me to speak at church meetings.

Mr. Pyung Kyum Kim was with Mrs. Chang at the door. I told him, �Tell the minister�s wife it was not nice when she tried to stop my speech at the meeting.� There were at least four (4) persons noticed what the minister�s wife doing at the door.

During the coffee hour, I told Rev. Chang that it was not nice to stop me presenting my opinion at the meeting.� He said, �It is not necessary to bring out old issues.� I answered, �Man always talks about the past issues that is the way to improve our way of life.�He didn�t seem to know that the Bible has the old stories.


I have written to the Bishop Park and others for many times about the problems, including the chief of the Bishops who seemed to have ignored as a classless complaint.

However, I did not receive any constructive response from them to the serious questions. Nobody seems to care about the church� morality or principles of Christianity.

����������������It is why I am sending this message to you all for information of the United Methodist Church denomination. Somehow your leadership should be able to awaken others to seriously consider the graveness of the issues for the church�s integrity during the Mew York State Annual Conference, 2007.

You and concerned members could have a forum on the matter.

I strongly feel that the issues in the subject matter should be dealt with care and concern because they are piercing through the moral fabrics of our soul and spirit of the United Methodist Church denomination.

For it matters with our common interest for all of the church members.

As a clergy or as a member, you could help MUC to be born again in spirit. Otherwise, all the mission works, domestic or foreign, would be meaningless.


All of the three lawsuits against us initiated by the pastor and his group within two months after the pastor were removed from the position of this church by Bishop Ernest S. Lyght. At the time pastor had no connection with the church anymore. Yet the church financed his lawsuits.

According to information, he told other members that he would proceed for the cases even if he had to sell his house.

However, He should not have any grievances against me or my wife. The loss of his job was due to the revolt by his purged church officers and his misconducts in the ministry which ruined the church. Looting the Building Trust Fund was financially beneficial for his ministry. However, they made deceptive propaganda to mislead others as if we sued them.




The second case, Korean United Methodist Church and Institute, Inc., Rev. Won Tae Cha, Young So Kim, Ki Duck Shin, Kyung Hee Shin, Hyuk Dal Kwon, Dong Gene Kim v. Chae Sone and Kyung Kim Sone. (Index # 118338/00. New York State Supreme Court, New York County). They demanded four million dollars as damages and punitive damages from us.................However, those who submitted false affidavits or did false testimony at the court against our causes seem to have been rewarded as if the sanctions served their just causes in contrary to the facts. The circumstances seem to confirm Rev. Paul Chang�s public statement,

�Rev. Won Tae Cha is my mentor.�


The church paid legal fees for Mr. Park�s attempted murder charges against the innocent family.

The third lawsuit was Steve Park v. Chae Sone. (Index #05850/05. New York State Supreme Court, Nassau County), Mr. Park falsely charged me, among other things, that I assaulted and injured him in the church and that I was going to kill him, his family, and other church members with the help of my son. In his fantasy of this multiple murder scheme, he testified under oath that my son went into his lawyer�s office in Manhattan and threatened to kill his lawyer and his staff in the office. Hon. Carter classified the case to be a felony.

Steve Park demanded a damage of four million dollars and punitive damages from me.

The jury selected for the case and scheduled for two trials separately at a civil and a criminal court.

The trial for the civil case was on March 31, April 5. and 19 of 2005. During the trial, Mr. Park boldly testified in the court that this lawsuit was a church-related matter. But that was absolutely false.

Perhaps, this murder accusation against my son and me was also involved with Pastor Cha and other co-conspirators because they come to court in support of Park�s murder charge against us during the trial at a jury.

How could an ordained clergy act like this in support of fabricated, false criminal charges against a church member? Is it a UMC way?

REV. CHA�S SUPPORT FOR MURDER CHARGES In his oral deposition, Mr. Park named more than ten (10) individuals, including Pastor Won Tae Cha, who had witnessed my threat to kill him, others and assaulted him in the church.

Consequently, I subpoenaed more than ten (10) church members, as witnesses to testify these criminal allegations for the trial. Superintendent Carroll M. Cox was also subpoenaed because she was familiar with certain events in the church.��������������

WHOSE WAS WHO IN EX PARTE COMMUNICATION (Bishop, Superintendent, Pastor or who else?)Now the church leaders should investigate the FACTS of statement of Hon. F. Dana Winslow which indicated that the high ranking church officers were directly involved in the lawsuit.

The judge stated about UMC�s involvement as follows:

5. THE COURT; Mr. Povman, let me help you out on6. That issue. No. It is the case that you 7. willingly decided to discontinue your action not in8. small part because there has been discussion 9. between and amongst Mr. Park, the United Methodist 10. Church of the New York area, the synod of the State 11. New York I believe, the Methodist synod of the 12. State of New York but at least the governing synod13. Of the United Methodist Church of the New York area13. and the Court. So the discontinuance being offered14. is being offered without regard for any claims that15. the defendant may pursue. .... ....Transcripts April 19, 2005. P. 6; 5-23.

According to the transcripts, Mr. Park and his attorney falsely informed the Honorable Court as if Park�s multiple murder charge against us was real and the officers of the United Methodist Church denomination directly involved in the case and the withdrawal planning seemingly through an Ex Prate communication prior to the day of the withdrawal conference.


As a responsible clergy for the united Methodist Church Annual conference should be able to tell fairly to us and members who was at Ex parte conference? � The Bishop, the Superintendent or any clergy?

However, a few days after his unconditional withdrawal, Mr. Steve Park published a letter that denied his unconditional withdrawal. He openly distributed this letter to others in the church. Ironically Rev. Sung Soo Hahn helped him to do so.

The denial virtually criminalized us again. He might reinstitute the case against us as he can easily get free money from the trustees as his elements are still in the church offices.

The financing for lawsuits against us is contrary to the church�s rules and the spirit of tax exemption law. In secular terms, it is morally wrong even without mentioning a religious value.


Moreover, our church�s failure to deny the funding of these lawsuits is the lack of moral courage and the phenomena of anarchy of the church leadership. Hon. Hoahng did not see any functional leadership and brilliantly well described the situation and stated,

�The church is not just a building��

Following the sanctions hearing, the judge said that the church could take legal action to recover the abused money from them. Also, the New York State Attorney General advised the trustees to legal action to recover the abused fund.

But, nobody seems to care about the abused money as if they do not have clean hands either. I wish to mention to you again that all the legal problems against us were initiated by them in greed for money. We must remember, Jesus drove out the money changers of the temple and said,

�My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations�?But you made it �a den of robbers.�� Mk 11; 15-17

A Samaritan was beaten by thieves and left him half dead on the roadway. �A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. So too a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side.� Lk 10; 30-37.

But a common man, Samaritan saved the beaten.

Now the church is like the beaten traveler on the Jericho road, the priest or the Levite did not render a helping hand to him but a Samaritan. Our church needs a Good Samaritan�s help.

It was retaliation against us because of the fact that, when I was the chairman of the Board of Trustees, the trustees opposed the Pastor Won Tae Cha�s proposition to spend the Building Trust Fund for operating budget of the church. The trustees followed the advice of the Bishop Forest C. Stith and the church rules not to spend the money in violation of the donors� will. The action of the trustees was correct then and now still be so today.

Our family has greatly suffered from the painful lawsuits for many years, because we tried to protect the Building Trust Fund in accordance to the church rules and laws. How these troubles happen to us who tried to protect the church�s interests? What did we do wrong for the church? Where is justice?


According to information, the Virginia Tech shooter Sung Hui Cho premeditated the shooting to killed fellow students. He said he was doing it for �Jesus Christ.� And he killed himself too in order to accomplish his wishes. It was a climax of the expression of an immigrant�s hatred to the adversaries in the adopted society.

Likewise, Mr. Park and his group in these cases viciously premeditated their attempted murder charges against us far in advance to actual filings. Their mindset was like an idiosyncratic immigrant�s hateful sentiment to revenge that adopted society as Mr. Cho did.


Mr. Park falsely testified under oath that his lawsuit was to accomplish his moral duty as follows. He testified that his lawsuits were a just action as follows:

��.............................................. I feel very threatened, personally threatened, and I�m just going to do this and it�s just the commencement [lawsuit].�

Transcripts of his oral deposition, July 17, 2001, P.194; 22-24.

Can you imagine if the church paid for their legal fees?

The UMC clergies should be able to answer to these moral and religious questions.

Therefore, the church hierarchies should understand that these despicable legal scandals are not less notorious than the Catholic sex scandals.

We must restore the Christian image of this historic church for Koreans in the light of United Methodist Church teachings and the Wesleyan tradition.


1. Investigate if a third entity is acting as if representing UMC denomination2. Are the evil elements infiltrated into the Bishop�s office?3. Who represented in Ex Parte communication and said the murder charges was church related?4. Who was behind the malicious and ugly lawsuits?5. Why the church is not to recover the abused trust fund for personal lawsuits?6. Audit the status of the church accounting books including all the funds7. IMUS lost his job as he broadcasted slanderously in public. Then how could a church support such malicious people who charged the innocent family as murderers and paid for them with the money donated to build the church?

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Chae S. Sone2 Woodbury CourtHicksville, NY 11801

Part 6.

Park profanities of deposition doc 3-2


Excerpts of small portion from the transcripts of Park�s sworn testimony to charge us as attempted mass murderers during deposition, 8/17/2001, These are absolutely false testimonies which consist of lies and obscenities. I once met Steve Park in 1984 when he came to my home in Hicksville to give us an estimate of home improvement project.

Since then I never had any contact with him. If he met my son, it should have occurred more than a quarter century ago at the Sunday day school.I met with him once about one hour in 1984 at my residence when he came to my place to give an estimate for a home improvement. Since then we had no social contact with him in the church or outside of the church. Won Tae Cha brought him into the church in order to create his own power base.

His deposition testimony is absolutely false and malicious. He made us criminals, accusing that we threatened to kill Park, his family and other church members. He described me as ugly criminal with obscenities. By reading these excerpts one could be able to judge how much these church people are corrupted.

Rev. Won Tae Cha used like these characters in order to keep his position and to control the trust fund for his own benefit.

It is unthinkable how a Christian minister supports like this obscene court cases. The church hierarchies should look into his activities how he deals the church affairs with others. A Christian minister should be respectable and should have self-respect in honorable way.


Park falsely sworn the affidavit that my son and I were going to kill him. Paragraph 4 of his affidavit;

� 5. In the year 2000, the defendant Sone, without cause or provocation, approximately midyear, at the behest of the defendant, he sent his son, XXXXX, who threatened to kill me and other church members.� P. 90; 10-13. Paragraph 5 of Park�s affidavit.

STEVE PARK CRIMINALIZED MY SON THREATENED TO KILL HIS LAWYER Park lied that his lawyer informed him that my son was going to kill his lawyer and his staff in his office. It was absolutely false. He tried to ruin my son.

Page 148; 9-21 10 Chae Sone�s son, walked into my defense 11 lawyer�s office using profanities, like, you know12 fuck you and these were the words that were13 relayed to me, you asshole, I�m going to kill you, 14 everybody in sight, kill you and everybody in15 sight and he chuckled when he called me, he said 16 there�s a little lunatic running around here, he 17 claims to being his son, and that�s how I got this 18name,

PARK DID NOT KNOW HIS LAWYER�S NAME??2 Q Do you remember the specific names of Who is that attorney? 7 A I don�t have that name in my memory right now. 8 I would be happy to forward that name.9To you. STEVE PARK�S TESTIMONEY IN PROFANITIES

Page 76; 13-16.

His language indicates a corrupt sub-culture of so called Christians today, a shame. You can see what kind church is ours?

13 Q I would like you to tell me exactly14What you say Chae Sone said to you.

15 A �He said fuck you and asshole on a16routine basis , that�s basically what he said, day17In and day out. ..�

Page 78; 11-21

11. Q Do you recall what the first thing he 12. Said to you was?13. A �Yes. Curses.�14. Q Tell me exactly. This is?15 A �F you and F you, you know, asshole, you16know, you better watch out your step,�17 Q That was the first thing he said to18you?19 A �Yes. Constant. Constant. It�s20Always regurgitation of same, same type of 21Remarks, on and on and on.�

Page 86; 8-17

8 Q I want to know exactly what you say 9 that Dr. Sone said to you approximately six months10 ago in connection with killing your family What 11 did he say? What were his words?

12 A �He said watch out, you asshole,13 Specifically said you asshole, you watch out, if14 You don�t watch your step; I�m going to kill you.15 That�s very specific. I can�t get much more 16 Specific than that. I just walked away. I just17 Walked away.�


p. 65; 3-10

5 Q Did you ever report it to the police?6 A No I did not.7 Why is that?8 A Because I tried to do it peacefully.9 Q Dr. Sone threatened to kill you. Do you 10Realize that�s a criminal offense?18 Q Why didn�t you call the police about a threat to you and your family?23 A �Once again I knew the man. I wanted to resolve it amicably. So I did not want to get either the police or the legal system.�

P. 61; 5-7

5 A �I�m going to kill your whole family.� 6 Q That�s what Dr. Sone said to you?7. A �Yes.�

P. 62; 9-17, 21-23.

9 Q You�re claiming that Dr. Sone10 threatened to kill you and your whole family?11 A �Yes.�12 Q When did he threaten to do that?13 A �He did it on several occasions. I do14 remember several occasions very specifically. I15 think it was like 1998. I don�t know the dates16 I don�t keep diary of these things.�17 Q those are serious threats, right?......21. �MR. POVMAN 1998 and you said 22. there were other times?�23. �Yes.�

(Mr. Povman lied too)

P. 63;9-25

9 A �It has not stopped. 9.This is now the year 2001. It is still10. continuing.� 11. Q When did he first threaten to kill12. You and your family?13. A �I mentioned that to you. I think that 8. was like sometime in 1998.�9. Q Sometime in 1998?10. A �Yes.�11. Q Was that the first time that he ever12. yelled you at you or acted outrageously? WITNESSES

P.87; 21-25

I subpoenaed over 10 persons including them for the trial. Park withdrew his case because he was going to lose.


The witnesses heard the threats and profanities according to Mr. Park; �Y. S. Kim; K. D. Shin; W. T. Cha; Y. H. Lee; Y. J. Kim; D. J. Chun; Paul Choi; Y. J. Kwon; I. C. Lee. �


��4. On or about January, 2000, the defendant, without cause or�provocation struck deponent of the shoulder while in the Korean�United Methodist Church and Institute, the causing an injury to my�Shoulder." Paragraph 4 of Park�s affidavit.

p.97;18-20, 23-24, 98; 2-11.

18 �...I was19 walking down, he just, just with his shoulder,20 just smacked me. I was very very startled......23. Q So you �re testifying that he hit you24. With his shoulder on your shoulder?...2 A �Yes.�3 Q which shoulder did he hit into?4 A �This side.�5 Q your left shoulder?6 A �So it�s my left shoulder.�7 Q Which shoulder did he use to hit you?8 A �I do not know.�9 Q You don�t know?10 A �I don�t know. I wasn�t looking at 11Him.�



9. A D. J. Chun was right behind me and 10. another individual, that was Kim Y. J. We usually11. hang around together in church, so that�s...�

P. 102;11-15

11. Q Did either Mr. Chun or Mr. Kim 14. Indicated that they had seen the incident?15. A � Oh, they said what the hell is this guy 16. doing is literally their expression.�

P.104; 18-24.

18 Q What did Mr. Chun say as far as what21 he saw?22 A �I can�t believe that guy did that.23That�s it. We didn�t curse We didn�t do24Anything...�

LIST OF EXHIBITS 1.Letter from Bishop, 1/22,20032.2. Park�s fake MBA3.3. Park�s affidavit


There are many Clinton events this week and she will be here on March 1st. I encourage everyone to go beyond the media's information - they are doing no justice to any of the candidates. Hillary does seem to get the worst - her base is alive and well. I see proof at sites like hillaryspeaksforme.com.


Obama is NOT Change! He is just another MAN with very little experience (less than Bush). We need a woman as president to make real change and show the world that the US has emerged and it is not business as usual.


There may be lots of events on the Obama site, but if you read them closely lots are "think of a poem that describes Obama" or "we need people to drive elderly voters". Hillary is doing the same things, they just aren't all posted on an event "free for all" page online. I'm undecided, but lets be fair people.


The centerpiece of Obama's campaign is CHANGE. That goes two ways. Voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas can also effect CHANGE. These three states are in a unique position to make a CHANGE that will slow down Obama's momentum just long enough to give Democrats time to find out more information about Obama. If the voting in these states results in Obama becoming the nominee, the Republicans will be the ones who will find out what Democrat voters should have known before casting their vote.

1. What is behind the Obamas' original decision to keep voters from reading Michelle's college senior thesis by temporarily withdrawing it from all viewing or duplication until the day after the general election? Princeton reported that this restriction is scheduled to be lifted no later than Nov. 5, 2008.

The Obama campaign recently released a copy of the thesis to politico.com who posted it in a Feb. 22 article titled, Michelle Obama thesis was on racial divide. The link is: www.politico.com/news/stories/... Her thesis gives the results of a study that she did at Princeton, using replies from questionnaires that she sent to black Princeton graduates.

2. Oprah said she is for Obama because he is brilliant. Voters should read an article in the Los Angeles times about some of his oops votes in the Illinois senate. The link is: www.latimes.com/news/nationwor...

3. Obama lets supporters believe that in 2002 he voted against the Iraq war. He was in the Illinois senate in 2002. When a reporter asked him how he would have voted, he said he didn't know. Why didn't he just say he would have voted no?

4. He spoke out against the IRAN resolution, but he stayed on the campaign trail and dodged the vote. When a reporter asked him why he missed that important vote, he said he apologizes for that.

5. When he was questioned about buying a piece of property next to his house from Tony Rezko's wife, he calmly said that was a bonehead mistake. He also downplayed his association with Rezko. Maybe there's more to his association with Rezko and maybe there's not. However, voters should be able to find out one way or another.

6. With Obama's oops votes in the Illinois senate, his letting people who are supporting him think he voted against the war, his tendency to worry about what his official voting record shows, and his dodging the vote on the Iran resolution are issues that voters should think about.

7. If Obama wins the presidency, he will run for a second term in four years. He missed the Iran resolution vote because he wanted to make sure that his voting record didn't show any vote. That way, his opponents would not be able to use a no vote against him in case that wasn't the right way to vote...and his opponents won't be able to beat on him like he has been beating on Hillary. Obama supporters can only hope that if he is elected president, his decisions will be geared toward what is best for our country and not what is best for getting re-elected in four years.

Please take the time to go to the links referred to above.


Hillary if you remember ignored Wisconsin also. And look what happened. I believe she is so sure she doesnt have to worry about Texas that she isnt making a big deal out of it. But other states have been shunned by her also...and didnt take kindly to it. And it showed when the vote came in. But Im an Obama fan...so I really am not concerned what Hillary does.

Patricia Melton
Patricia Melton

The nomination is over! Barack Obama will be the next president, the next Leader of the World! Barack Obama is our Leader and our Lord, our Lord of Vision and Dreams. The future is a pearl in His hand. Come to Obama. Join us, join Him. He has a vision for a country that is post-American and global: an Obama Nation. The Obama Nation is coming, and no one can stop it. Obama is Love. Obama is Hope. Obama is Light. Obama is Love.

Come to Obama. We will lead your conversion.

Is Barack Obama the Messiah?


My friends, the winds have drastically shifted, vote Clinton and we'll have no Obama, Clinton will not beat McCain but Obama may beat McCain - think! Stop the momentum. Do true Americans really want Obama to lead our country? Share this with other friends now, or we will regret it!


I just found out that Mexico was the first country on this hemisphere to have a black president. I also found out that there were pockets of black people in Mexico that settled in Mexico when escaping slavery. If Obama is elected president, he really have to be as fair as possible to all people, after all we have had over 200 years of white men for president. Felton


I just checked the "find events" at hillaryclinton.com, and my search in Dallas brought up 2 pages of events!

Everyone needs to come to Hillary Headquarters near Fair Park tomorrow (Sunday, 2/24) evening (6pm--9pm) for her Open House. Her Headquarters is in the Chi building on Fletcher, just off Haskell. Come on down, pick up a yard sign, and make a few phone calls for Hillary!


Hillary Clinton has fought for children, Vets and all Americans. She is a true patriot and loves our country. She has helped expand family and medical leave for our Veterans. Has pushed through the Heroes at Home legislation. She was instrumental in creating the State Children's Health Insurance Program. She has been working hard on getting health care for the brave First Responders who rushed to help people when the towers toppled. She Real change that effects real lives.

A true and blue Democrat. A real patriot who loves her country.

Missy Crawford
Missy Crawford

I am really surprised at the people in support of Obama, he has nothing noteworthy, I think all of them need to look for legitimacy in a candidate, if it weren't for the media this would be a totally different race!!!Welcome to 2008 where the movement is taking place, I don't think he will be as good as Jimmy Carter!!!


Can anyone give an accounting of Clinton's 35 years of experience? I know that from 1986-1992 she was on the board for Wal-Mart.


CHANGE? OH, GIVE ME A BREAK!! HITLER WANTED CHANGE TOO!Obama... what a joke. Jimmy Carter all over again.


Hillary Clinton is such an unabashed hypocrite. She has the gaul to be critical of Obama's use of wording that was as Obama made clear recommended by his friend and supporter... and then in her debate response used the term "lifting" as if he stole it.

What is incredible was that her "heartfelt" ending to the debate was something that was said already by John Edwards.


Darryl Cline
Darryl Cline

While there's a lot of enthusiasm for Barack, I'm afraid he's going to be the George McGovern of the 20th Century. Admired (and in many cases adored) by a huge segment of the party (just like McGovern), but that admiration won't carry him through the general election in November.

Republicans are licking their chops, just waiting to pounce on his inexperience. (Of course, they'll paint him as a far-left liberal just like they'd do any Democrat.)

Barack will be lucky to carry Massachusetts, DC, Rhode Island, and Illinois in November. He'll muster less than 100 electoral votes.


I'm still trying to figure out why Hillary did all her Wisconsin campaigning on the Monday before the Tuesday election. After this many losses, Hillary is starting to remind me of Willy Coyote, super genius. Hope she doesn't cry again as she, "finds her voice."