Black Widow Pleads Guilty

Sandra Camille Bridewell finally faces judgment, though not for what some had hoped

A sentencing hearing was scheduled for May 19. Williams says within three days, Bridewell will be interviewed for a report to be given to Judge Dever that will include detailed information about her health, background and history. He adds that the judge is not bound by the plea agreement.

Also attending the hearing were Lieutenant Marty Folding, Detective Jayne Todd and assistant district attorney Brooke Leland of Brunswick County, who say that Bridewell is still under investigation in their jurisdiction.

When it was learned that Bridewell might have committed Social Security fraud, federal agent Frank Maroney began investigating the case. His summary to the court concluded that in addition to Bowers, Bridewell used other aliases, addresses and ages.

Sandra Bridewell
Sandra Bridewell

When the federal proceedings were done, Bridewell smiled at her attorney and turned for her arms to be handcuffed behind her back by the bailiff. She again shuffled past Gloria Rehrig with no acknowledgment, head high and staring straight ahead.

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