In the hours after Cuban announced his ban, MacMahon heroically found enough time to stop patting himself on the back and type: "The Bad Boy Pistons had the Jordan Rules. These Mavs have the MacMahon Rules."

Tim MacMahon = Michael Jordan. Self-aggrandize much?

Cuban agrees the Morning News is exploiting the ban as a marketing ploy. Sweep some truth under the rug here. Paint MacMahon as a martyr there. Voila, sympathy for a blogger and publicity for a blog.

Mark Cuban's ban on bloggers drew the ire of the NBA.
Darrell Walker/UTHM/Icon SMI
Mark Cuban's ban on bloggers drew the ire of the NBA.

"Of course they are," Cuban said. "They need to do everything possible to create traffic. Why wouldn't they? It's the smart thing to do."

Along with the mysterious Stackhouse omission, I'd like to ask MacMahon and the Morning News head honchos whether their blog was significantly dented by the ban. The Morning News wants you to believe MacMahon—like Braveheart's William Wallace—was stretched, racked and disemboweled. When really, the whole thing's a tempest in a teapot.

MacMahon still sat in on Johnson's press conferences. Still ate in the media dining room. Still attended games. Still blogged, using the Mavs' in-house wireless. (Take it from my offerings on Unfair Park; you don't have to be present to blog.)

Because of the NBA's perfunctory edict to ban Cuban's ban, MacMahon will be allowed back into the locker room before Wednesday's home game against the Golden State Warriors. If Cuban delivers on his comical caveat, he'll have company.

"I literally will open the doors to all bloggers and make them all come in and out as a group," Cuban said. "It will be fun to watch Tim and the other big-company bloggers walk in the door with the 15-year-old high-school bloggers. I will have [director of basketball communications] Sarah Melton send out the warning 'bloggers in the locker room!' just like she does with 'ladies in the locker room!' It will be fun to see how they respond then, and if it's truly just about having access."

In the end, MacMahon's blog doesn't require access to the locker room. Bloggergate wouldn't exist, in fact, had he utilized the access granted in the first place.

But that won't curtail Dallas' Only Daily from its smug sense of entitlement.

We don't need a spiffy new kindergarten color scheme to see that.

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