Review: Ounce Prime Steakhouse in Addison

Songs by committed vegan Moby play in the background as we dine on our red and dripping prime rib

It is the attempts to make the concept approachable that stumble. The iceberg wedge, served on a chilled plate littered with yellow and red teardrop tomatoes, candied pecans and a few applewood-smoked bacon chips, was dressed in a thin Roquefort dressing with few cheese crumbles. You could easily sex up this steakhouse cliché by covering it with sizzling—instead of chilled—bacon crumbles, creating not only lusty savor but compelling textural tension.

Hot bacon works well in the mac & cheese (fast becoming the iceberg wedge of steakhouse sides, or as they are classified at Ounce, accessories), adding grit to the creamy rich yellow cheese clinging to the elbow macaroni. Caesar salad, with crisp roasted red pepper pesto crostini covered with a mesh of melted Parmesan, was excessively salted and void of any discernible anchovy and lemon. Australian barramundi—a fish similar to sea bass—in smoked tomato coulis and topped with fried leeks was dredged in a coating that turned pasty on the plate.

Better was the lime cheesecake, a hulking wedge with a thick craggy graham cracker crust—crisp as a dry twig—girding citrus-sharpened custard.

Hey, Moby, the less of this you eat, the more there is for the rest of us.
Tom Jenkins
Hey, Moby, the less of this you eat, the more there is for the rest of us.

Location Info


Ounce Prime Steakhouse

14866 Montfort Drive
Dallas, TX 75254-7518

Category: Restaurant > Fine Dining

Region: North Dallas


Prime carpaccio $13
Caesar salad $8.50
Coconut red royal shrimp $9
Mac & cheese $7
Wedge $8.50
Roasted barramundi $28
Prime rib dinner $32
Akaushi flatiron $48
Cheesecake $9
Closed Location

Ounce is a well-polished entrant into Dallas steakhouse lore with more than a few mediocrities sprinkled through its grand accomplishments that, once teased out, are worth their price. In fact, everyone should taste Akaushi beef at least once—if not for the taste, then for the vegan-related schadenfreude.

14866 Montfort Drive, Addison, 972-503-5800. Open 4-11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 4 p.m.-12 a.m. Friday and Saturday. $$$$

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