Ain't No Mountain High

The musicians behind Mount Righteous' feel-good amp-less ensemble aim to get you on their level

"This isn't a façade," drummer Joey Kendall explains of the group's support for one another. "We grew up together, and we've been playing shows together forever. And the people that weren't playing shows were at every show with us and were at band practices and were documenting what was going on and everything. We've all been in the scene—the Grapevine music scene—forever."

That's an important thing to note, that last point. Whereas other Grapevine-produced musical acts—like Fishboy, The Rocket Summer and even newer acts like The Whiskey Folk Ramblers—have been quick to list the other cities in the region as their hometowns, presumably to help bolster name recognition, Mount Righteous remains staunchly and happily suburban.

"Everything musical that we've ever done and all of our immediate influences and everything else has come pretty much solely from our experience in Grapevine," says guitarist Spike. "This country is so full of suburbs, and they're often talked about with disdain among those in the art world and those in the music world. Bands from the big cities are maybe sort of given a pass, or given a more instant credibility.

Mount Righteous can field a full soccer team. What can your band do?
Mount Righteous can field a full soccer team. What can your band do?


Mount Righteous performs its CD release show with Fishboy and Death! to Doom Riders on Friday, June 6, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Denton.

"You can come from anyplace," he says.

And, well, to hear Mount Righteous say it, you can also go anywhere. And do anything. Hell, they even actually sing that second one.

"We're on our way," says guitarist Parker. "We're getting there. We've made an album, we're having tours. That's pretty big."

And not just because there's 11 of them.

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