The Fab 50

Half a hundred power brokers who sculpt our local sports landscape

15. Don Hooton: When Major League Baseball launched its war on steroids, it started with a $1 million grant to his Taylor Hooton Foundation.

14. Dale Hansen/Norm Hitzges/Randy Galloway: The metroplex's Mount Gushmore is most responsible for shaping local sports opinions.

13. Rick Carlisle: With basically the same players, Ivory Johnson promises better results than his Mavs predecessor.

12. Wade Phillips: Coming off 13 wins and providing 13 Pro Bowlers, it's Super Bowl-or-bust for the Cowboys' head coach.

11. Eddie Gossage: The face of NASCAR in Texas has crafted year-round racin' in Fort Worth.

10. Nolan Ryan: Big Tex's presence as president has already upgraded Rangers from morose to mediocre.

9. Terrell Owens: Despite the drops and untimely injuries, the Cowboys' offense would be pedestrian without him.

8. Josh Hamilton: No Ranger this decade has brought the franchise more positive publicity than the recent Sports Illustrated cover boy.

7. Jon Heidtke: Wouldn't recognize him on the street, but the FOX Sports Net Southwest senior vice president makes the Mavs, Rangers and Stars decisions you recognize nightly on TV.

6. Mark Cuban: Still without a championship trophy, but he may soon own lovable losers in two major leagues with the Mavs and Chicago Cubs.

5. Hank Haney: Only Erykah Badu's voice consultant has a better job than Tiger Woods' swing coach.

4. Dirk Nowitzki: The Mavs could stay afloat for a while without Cuban. But sans this guy, they're instantly a lottery team.

3. Tom Hicks: Despite a surprising Stars playoff run, his ownership finagling pissed off franchises on both sides of the big pond.

2. Tony Romo: What other player without a single playoff victory could merit front-page headlines with a quick trip to Mexico?

1. Jerry Jones: From reclamation projects like Pacman to unprecedented coliseums like Jonestown, the Cowboys' owner does what he damn well pleases.

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