Reason to Believe

Quick, someone call Mulder. We have a sighting.

Even more unusual were the radar readings that confirmed what six different witnesses in four different instances saw between 6 p.m. and 6:25 p.m.: an unknown flying object near Stephenville. "The object was described as very bright, large and silent," the report reads. "Two of the four reports indicated the object moved at a very high rate of speed and was also stationary at times."

At 6:40 p.m. witnesses reported seeing an object in the sky with "two large glowing amber lights similar in size and color to what you would see on a school bus at night."

Schulze says radar readings confirm that unknown objects were in these areas at the precise times witnesses observed them. They did not have transponders on them, which the FAA uses to track aircraft, and one was estimated to be traveling at 2,100 mph, which would break the sound barrier, but no sounds were reported coming from the unknown objects in the air that night.

Refracted light from Venus? Yeah, we're not buying that.
Refracted light from Venus? Yeah, we're not buying that.

Schulze says AWACS aircraft (which are used to monitor flight activity from the air through radar) were in the area that night, meaning the military in all likelihood has even more information about what was going on that night. But so far, they have been unwilling to release any data.

Steve Allen, a pilot from Stephenville who was one of the original witnesses, says he feels vindicated by the data MUFON has collected.

"I'm sure there were people who thought old Steve had lost it, was maybe seeing things," Allen says. "But this radar is dead on the money. It shows exactly what we were seeing.

"I knew what I saw to start with, so I didn't really need this to confirm what I saw. But it's nice."

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