Blazing a Trail

Believe it or not, The New Frontiers is a local act. Well, for now.

The New Frontiers is also unique in that its label (The Militia Group) is known primarily for its stable of emo punk bands. Bhore says that the band signed on because of a friendly association with a publicist at the label who is now no longer employed there.

"We're trying to make the most of it," says Bhore on working with new public relations people. "All we can do is keep working hard and try to make the most of the opportunities we've been given."

Sounding like a publicist himself, Bhore is ever the optimist. Whether it's an unsupportive label, a paltry paycheck or the lack of local recognition, Bhore is the ultimate "glass half-full" kind of guy. He even thinks Dallas has a better music scene than Austin.

Back alleys are the new final frontier.
Back alleys are the new final frontier.


The New Frontiers performs with The Honorary Title, Paper Rival and Mansions on Sunday, August 10, at the Granada Theater.

"We have actually had a hard time getting gigs in Austin," Bhore admits. "I would never leave Dallas for Austin. I have friends here. It feels right here."

Bhore's candor and lack of cynicism are refreshing, if sweetly naïve. But he hopes his optimism will translate into the band achieving the attention that it richly deserves.

"I hope that we can play for more people, especially locally," Bhore says. "Right now, staying happy and creative are the main goals."

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