The Anti-Dittohead

Hey, Mr. King of Talk Radio, meet the queen

"When an openly gay man attaches his name on a blog and stands up to people, then people throw shit down, and the gay man picks it up and throws it back in their face, people have a hard time dealing with it," he says.

Although his radio show will feature many gay guests and many who are active in the gay community, Jett stresses that his homosexuality will be toned down from his days on television in at attempt to attract a wider audience. "To tell you the truth, I am so over being a professional homosexual," he says.

In another attempt to reach more listeners, his show won't focus on local issues. "If the mayor turns out to be a crook, I doubt if I would chat about something like that because I want to keep everything so that it could be carried in a national fashion," Jett says.

Jett says Dallas is much cooler and liberal than most media represents it. He finds most people have the vibe of former Texas Governor Ann Richards or Austin liberal columnist Molly Ivins (both are deceased).

"It's never jived," he says, "the Dallas I've read about in the papers versus what I've witnessed going out to various events."

With the success of conservative talk radio throughout the country, Jett is baffled why liberal stations can't see the same success, especially with a county so divided.

"My hope is to be able to syndicate my show and that it does well enough to where I'm combining underground pop culture with political talk and creating a unique program that people outside of Dallas might be interested in," he says.

Jett says he'll be looking to bring in guest co-hosts from time to time, even opening the invitation to Republicans, among which he has many friends. Jett even shares the same views as many conservatives on such hot-button issues as the death penalty and illegal immigration, but he's been disgusted with the Bush administration.

"I don't trust my government anymore, and that's not something I say proudly," he says. "If you lose trust in your government, then that's a pretty fucked-up thing."

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