Three 6 Mafia

Saturday, September 13, at House of Blues

When DJ Paul, Juicy J and crew made their first big tour run through Dallas nearly a decade ago, they played to a relatively small but raucous crowd in a gritty Deep Ellum club, a scene fitting of their hardcore roots, violent beats and dark lyrics. Since then, though, Three 6 Mafia has added and subtracted members, released multiplatinum albums, done the MTV reality show thing and even donned tuxes (and grills) to accept an Academy Award.


Saturday, September 13, at House of Blues

It's telling that the act's latest album The Last 2 Walk is equal parts insta-hit club single and gritty street anthem. The group, now slimmed down to its two original members, the aforementioned DJ Paul and Juicy J, prides itself on "keeping an ear to the streets" while giving the people what they want and branching out as producers. This motivation to stay at the forefront of the rap game can be seen in their recent strip club tour to promote the single "I'd Rather," and even in their rock/rap venture with Good Charlotte on TL2W's "My Own Way." This non-gentlemen's establishment leg of the tour will help determine whether the duo has street cred to back up their aim.

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