Local swingers think life is a bowl of cherries, but Duncanville wants to spit out the Pit

"He told me he is a swinger, as if suddenly that gave him a license to do what swinging really is, which is cheating on the original promise a couple makes to each other,'' she says. "When I'm ready to settle down with one man, I do that and I'm monogamous. These people want to do both. All that means is that something very critical was missing in our relationship or in his makeup. Everything he said is a lie, a self-indulgent lie, and eventually, I think for swingers, someone is going to get hurt. In this case, it was me.''

The Morgans say they are aware of these risks, which is one reason why they shun a weekly house party that is staged at a 7,500-square-foot mansion near Lake Lewisville. In fact, they know about dozens of homes all over the metroplex that regularly schedule private weekend swingers parties. For the couple, some of these house parties are too "intense.'' Jerold says attendees often stress a "hardcore focus'' on sexual encounters. He much prefers the atmosphere of the extensive couples-only club circuit in Dallas where he and Janet are allowed to participate as much or as little as they choose.


Customers quickly glean that IniQuity offers them something out of the ordinary when they walk inside the front door, where they are greeted by two comely women. One is dressed in business attire. The other is not dressed at all, except for the body paint that's been used to decorate her frame with Eden-like leaves and flowers.

Brian Harkin
Adorning the walls at IniQuity are silver and gold mannequin torsosóor parts thereof.

IniQuity, located just east of Interstate 35 and sandwiched between Old San Francisco Steakhouse and the Cabaret Royale topless bar, is a "couples club"—which is essentially code for "swingers club.'' IniQuity promotes itself as a "members-only lifestyle club for couples and single women. Membership is not available to single men."

Of the 19 or so nightclubs in the metroplex that cater to the couples crowd, at least six are considered upscale, and of these, IniQuity is arguably the crown jewel. The interior is heavy on faux-Roman décor, features dark and rich colors, and is immersed in black lighting. Adorning the walls are silver and gold mannequin torsos, some with vaginas that are cartoonishly oversized.

Regulars at IniQuity follow the dress code rules posted on the club's Web site. Men are instructed to "be dashing,'' which they will not have the opportunity to do unless accompanied by a female. Women, who come to IniQuity with dates or in groups of other females, are encouraged to "dress as wildly sexy or as tastefully elegant as you wish.''

"We are years ahead of our time,'' says Rick Reid, 45, one of the owners of IniQuity. On this Saturday night IniQuity is overflowing with pretty, polished, early 30s couples who might just as well be hanging poolside at Hotel ZaZa or courtside at a Dallas Mavericks game.

Says Reid, "I don't want to embarrass Dallas. I don't want to be a black eye on Dallas. I want to protect Dallas. And I want to clean up the reputation of the lifestyle.''

Dallas, in turn, has been good to IniQuity where couples pay as much as $7,500 in annual membership dues, and the club's four partners, according to Reid, split a net of $20,000 to $30,000 a month. The owners have expanded their concept with new IniQuitys in Houston and Oklahoma City, and have plans to expand to Las Vegas, Chicago and Fort Lauderdale.

Civility is on display at IniQuity. There are no drunken bar brawls (IniQuity is bring your own bottle); no wolf packs of drooling males. There are far more women than men, and the only competition among them is for the honor of wearing the least fabric. The setting is provocative and private, though there was a sighting of Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez that was publicized in the Dallas Observer's blog, Unfair Park, in May 2007.

Kelly is a steel-blue-eyed blonde who met her fiancé Scott at IniQuity but remains a weekly visitor. "When we meet a couple, we both meet them, and we get to know them, all four of us,'' she says. "We become friends. It's not, 'OK, nice to meet you, let's go fuck.' We go to dinner, we go to the movies. Sex is part of it, but for us, and I think for most people, one of the rules is that it's supposed to be for fun and friendship.''

Owner Reid insists that IniQuity is "mostly just a regular nightclub for people to meet.'' While it might be a social club, where a hundred people laugh, dance and flirt in the main downstairs bar, Reid also concedes "the place reeks of sex.''

And indeed upstairs in the VIP rooms, decadence rules. But "actual sexual activity while at IniQuity" is unwelcome, and "no illegal activity will be tolerated," at least according to the official "rules" detailed on its Web site, which recommends "...a nice hotel right next door."

And yet on this Saturday night, an all-nude girl-on-girl sexual encounter unfolds. Reid says that recently, a police complaint was registered when a male VIP was caught receiving oral sex upstairs. The publicity was embarrassing for the gentleman, Reid says, largely because the customer is a government official with NASA clearance.

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