Uh Huh Her

Tuesday, October 21, at The Loft

Uh Huh Her garnered immediate attention with its first EP, 2007's I See Red, which was followed by this year's equally acclaimed full-length debut, Common Reaction.

Why the love? The group's combination of buzzy guitars, electronica and catchy lyrics combine to create a sound that's instantly appealing—and not dragged down by being labeled as "chick music." A good example: The band's most widely heralded song to date, "Not a Love Song," a hard-driving, buzzy and synth-heavy song you can bob your head or shake your ass to, while still finding time to rock out. Camila Grey's silky smooth voice deserves some credit; combined with '80s synth flourishes, it makes the song strangely recognizable and yet surprisingly new.

Uh Huh Her
Uh Huh Her


Tuesday, October 21, at The Loft

Like Blondie or Garbage before them, the singer may be the draw with Uh Huh Her, but the music is what keeps listeners coming back for more.

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