Eleven Hundred Springs: Live and Boozy

Eleven Hundred Springs took to the Double Wide to record a live show worth remembering (even if few in the audience will)

"It was definitely a cool energy," Berg says, with a laugh. "The only con is that it's such a small room, so some fans couldn't get in, and it was pretty cramped."

He laments some notes he knows he missed ("I just would rather we'd come in after playing 12 days straight and not after having taken 12 days off"), some mistakes the band—and likely only the band—noticed as it ran through Country Jam's catalog, three new tracks, and a slew of older songs such as "Long-Haired Tattooed Hippie Freaks" and "The Only Thing She Left Me (Was the Blues)," the latter of which was crammed into a medley alongside classic fan favorites. And, as such, he notes that there's no guarantee that the show will ever make it onto an album—not until the band hears the recording and approves its quality, at least. Still, he knows the fans are eager to see a live disc.

"A long time ago, we recorded a live album at Adair's [Saloon], and we only pressed a small amount of 'em—maybe 2,000 or 2,500 copies," Berg says. "People have still been asking about them."

It may take another recording—maybe in California, Berg says—before there's enough quality-controlled material to merit such a release.

"It's definitely a no-lose situation, though," he says. "Some of it will see the light of day, even if it's just as bonus tracks you can get for free off iTunes or something."

The audience better hope so. It was a sloppy crew in attendance on Saturday; releasing the live recordings would go a long way toward preserving the phenomenal show's memory.

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