I contacted Judd Bradbury, a member of the Commission on Productivity and Innovation, the brainiac group I mentioned. He is president of his own company, Maverick Consultant Management, advising midsize to Fortune 500 companies on international business, corporate governance, strategy—stuff like that.

I don't know if I'm supposed to tell you this, but Mr. Bradbury and I are occasional correspondents. In the interest of his reputation, I will tell you that he usually writes to tell me I'm wrong about things and why and how. (These are my most valued pen pals.)

I asked him by e-mail for his take on Stolarski. He wrote back quickly: "Alex is one of the best board members we have," Bradbury said. "He works tirelessly on subcommittees and has a very strong ethical compass.

"...I had the opportunity to meet two of his property managers at a working session we had for multi-family recycling. I believe they are good managers that care about the quality of life of their tenants."

Bradbury mentioned something I already knew from Stolarski: After the attacks on his character by the Morning News, Stolarski wrote to all the members of the Productivity Commission to give them his side of the story but also, implicitly, to give them a chance to boot him off the commission if they so choose. Committee chairman Bill "Bulldog" Cunningham told me last week that Stolarski will not be asked to resign.

Bradbury sent this to Stolarksi in response to his message: "Alex, thank you for the note. Your service to the city is without parallel, and I have always considered the time you dedicate to the city to be a valuable gift. Our work on multi-family recycling provided many of us with a good view of how much pride you have in your complexes. The most memorable was from one of your complex managers relaying the story about your company providing gift baskets to your residents in the spirit of creating a sense of community. If there is something we can do to help at this difficult time please do not hesitate to ask."

So let me say this one last time. He's an honest businessman providing a good service in an atmosphere where there is struggle, courage, virtue, some hard-fought success but also a bracing amount of evil.

Blaming him for the evil that comes to his door is sleazy, corrupt and corrupti ng.

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