DiTerra’s Urban Italian

It's always wise to eat where waiters eat


No, really—damn. The creamed polenta tastes just like Play-Doh, only wetter. Their tomato bisque is rather a one-note, blasé bowl of dullness, broken only by a brilliantly charred slice of bread with fingers of backyard grill smoke that claw through otherwise unbroken monotony. That chicken saltimbocca I waited so patiently for one evening marries flavorless, farm-raised fowl to uninteresting cured ham. It would be entirely forgettable except for buttered spinach on one side and beautiful cakes of fried goat cheese, earthy and tangy at the same time. And the dessert that cost me rain-soaked carpeting and a musty, fungal aroma in my car? (I'm certainly not going to blame the Turkish coffee martini.) It's a dry, chewy plate of dough.

On this last trip to the new Lower Greenville establishment I vow to order that elusive plate of gnocchi. On a previous visit, a waiter warned me away from the potato dumplings, hinting they would be too filling in a three-course spread. Like I said, however, the next waiter skipped over my request, conveniently forgetting. Fine—so I'm destined never to try DiTerra's gnocchi. It may be brilliant or on par with the polenta or saltimbocca. Who knows? And who cares? There's enough good about the place.

Plenty to look forward to at DiTerra’s, from pizza to your waiter’s life story.
Sara Kerens
Plenty to look forward to at DiTerra’s, from pizza to your waiter’s life story.

Location Info


Diterra's Urban Italian

1928 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

Category: Restaurant > Italian

Region: East Dallas & Lakewood


DiTerra’s Urban Italian Mushroom toast $7 Tomato bisque $5 Warm bread salad $7 Chicken saltimbocca $14 Lamb shank $24 Plum and pineapple clafouti $6

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DiTerra's sign out front highlights their pizza. They apparently don't want some people to order the dumplings. And Jell-O shots aren't usually considered a high-end cocktail. On the other hand, this is a culinary haven in the heart of a party zone.

So there's a new rule to consider: Eat wherever bartenders order take-away. Or where they serve free experimental cocktails.

DiTerra’s Urban Italian 1928 Greenville Ave., 214-824-8700. Open 5 -10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 5 p.m.-2 a.m. Friday-Saturday. $$-$$$
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