With or without females, though, the crowds at Von Ehrics shows across the country have been growing—the band will play a three-night run in New York City before returning to Dallas for its local CD release show at the Double Wide. Not surprisingly, given his affection for the city, Vandygriff is anxious to return and play before a home audience, anxious to be a part of a scene that he believes is down but not out.

"There's always been more money in Dallas than say Austin or Denton, and that screws with the venues," says Vandygriff. "It's more of a business thing. There are some great bands here, and as far as putting out great music, I think Dallas is holding its own against any city in the country."

Reassuring thoughts, but Vandygriff says he means every word of it—although he is a little doubtful of a certain local venue's commitment to the local scene.

They’re grown up now, but, c’mon, of course they’re still boozing.
They’re grown up now, but, c’mon, of course they’re still boozing.


The Von Ehrics perform Saturday, April 25,at the Double Wide.

"The people who run House of Blues—I don't know how they feel about Dallas having a good music scene," says Vandygriff. "It might be better for them if Dallas has a shitty scene in Deep Ellum so that everyone has to go to the House of Blues."

Still, whatever his qualms about that venue, Vandygriff refuses to tone down his optimism for the local scene.

"You know, I have some shoulder problems these days, and I'm getting older," he says. "But I want to keep doing what I do for the people of Dallas. It's always felt good to be here."

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